Registering a company in Scotland + accounts

Establishing a company in Scotland is common among entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to LP. The Scottish company is registered in Companies House in Edinburgh, unlike one of the other two houses in Cardiff and Belfast. They cover British jurisdictions of England and Wales, Northern Ireland, respectively.

Please note, lists of beneficiaries in Scotland are open.

How is going a business registration in Scotland?

If you want to register a company in Scotland, you need to contact us for help, and we will fill out applications and send it to Companies House. All companies must have at least one director and one shareholder. In this case, one person can take on both roles.

Registering a Partnership in Scotland

You can set up a Scottish Partnership. It is a private partnership with two or more individuals. Members can be individuals or legal entities, from any jurisdiction around the world.

Benefits of Scottish Partnerships:

  • at least two partners;
  • a registered office in Scotland;
  • it is not necessary to submit annual financial statements to the tax authority.

How popular is the decision to open a Scottish LP for non-resident beneficiaries:

  • the ownership of investments and assets such as a real estate, stocks or other property;
  • international trading;
  • a consulting and personal service.

Scottish taxation

Scottish LPs without commercial activities in the UK are not considered to be a subject to a taxation by the UK.

Scottish companies with an account

If you are considering setting up a company in Scotland with an account, then you need to know, that Scotland does not open company accounts for CIS citizens. Therefore, to open an account for a Scottish LP, it is necessary to consider such jurisdictions: Czech Republic, Poland, Liechtenstein, Latvia and so on.

You can pay attention to opening an account in BOS Bank. This is the bank of Poland, if your project focuses on the environmental protection (a production of electric vehicles, recyclables, etc.), then you will receive a support from this bank.

What about registering an account in Bank Alpinum?Liechtenstein Bank, created by experienced bankers, lawyers and businessmen. Its goal is to ensure the success of customers.

If you are oriented to the Czech Republic, then it is worth considering opening an account in FIO Banka. This is a young and loyal Czech bank, founded in 1994. His strategy is the absence of duties on standard banking operations, as well as an individual approach to lending to enterprises.

How to open a Scottish commercial enterprise?

  • Choose a structure, that suits your business;
  • Contact us, choosing any available feedback method;
  • Follow our tips.

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