How much does it cost to start a business in Dubai?

A brief overview of Dubai's economic attractiveness for entrepreneurs

Commencing a venture in Dubai is a resolution that draws entrepreneurs from across the globe due to the singular pecuniary benefits and propitious business milieu that this metropolis provides. Dubai, which is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, is renowned for its openness to foreign investment, rapid economic growth and high-quality infrastructure. This city offers a wide range of business opportunities in various sectors including trade, services, tourism and finance.

Dubai's pecuniary allure is partly due to its strategic situs betwixt Orient and Occident, affording facile ingress to marketplaces in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Furthermore, Dubai proffers a plethora of economic precincts furnishing extraordinary fiscal inducements, devoid of levies on customs, and the prospect of absolute alien proprietorship of an enterprise sans the requisite of a domiciliary collaborator.

Starting a business in Dubai can also be attractive because of the high level of economic stability supported by progressive government policies directed at attracting foreign investment and encouraging entrepreneurship. The government of this jurisdiction is introducing advanced technology and digital transformation into all aspects of doing business, making the process of company registration and business management more efficient and less time-consuming.

Furthermore, Dubai is renowned for its exceedingly cultivated infrastructure, encompassing cutting-edge conveyance systems, top-notch commercial hubs and merchandising venues, along with a diverse array of domiciles and educational amenities. This engenders a congenial milieu not solely for conducting commerce, but also for innovators and their kin to reside in.

Overall, registering a business in Dubai, opens the door for entrepreneurs to a world of international opportunities, innovation and growth, where you can not only develop a successful business, but also enjoy a high quality of life.

Choosing the legal form of the company

When instituting a corporation in Dubai, innovators are confronted with the necessity to select the optimal juridical structure for their enterprise, grounded on the particulars of their business blueprint and strategic objectives. The metropolis presents an extensive array of organizational and juridical structures of establishments, each possessing its individual distinctive attributes, comprising prerequisites for the authorized capital and the quantity of obligatory shareholders.

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) stands out as the favored choice for myriad entrepreneurs owing to the restriction of liability to the quantum of capital infusions rendered. This configuration of entity permits a broad spectrum of undertakings with the exclusion of banking, assurance, and investment endeavors, presupposing the existence of between 2 and 50 shareholders. The minimum sanctioned capital for an LLC in Dubai is stipulated at 50,000 UAE dirhams.

A private shareholding company demands a minimum authorized capital of AED 5,000,000 and entails a minimum of three originators. This configuration is apt for the actualization of mercantile and manufacturing pursuits, barring professional amenities.

A public joint stock company must have an authorized capital of no less than UAE Dh30,000,000 and have 5 or more originators, who must be UAE citizens and possess between 30% and 70% of the stakes.

The sole proprietorship is amenable to entrepreneurs of all nationalities, with extrinsic proprietors obligated to ensure that a indigenous service intermediary (LSA) is in situ to coordinate licensing and liaise with the authorities. There are no minimum sanctioned capital prerequisites for this configuration.

Registration in a UAE Free Economic Zone permits extraneous capitalists to possess 100% of the corporation and reap the advantages of tax encouragements and interchange prerogatives. The functionalities of enterprises enrolled in these precincts are confined to their demesne and the particularization stipulated in the permit, with minimal portion principal prerequisites diverging from precinct to precinct. For instance, for Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, the minimal enlisted principal is 50,000 UAE dirhams.

Offshore companies, are suitable for international business, excluding UAE operations. They are often used for asset management, investment and property ownership outside the country, with a minimum authorised capital of UAE Dh300,000 to be registered in Dubai.

Legal formalities of the registration process

Stages of company registration

Enrolling a corporation in Dubai in 2024 might unveil myriad trade openings both within the UAE and globally. Hinging on the elected structure of enterprise and domain of operation, the procedure could fluctuate and necessitate the compilation of a heterogeneous array of papers.

Step 1:

Choosing a name for the company

It is imperative to opt for an unparalleled appellation that does not intersect with heretofore enrolled appellations and satisfies all regulatory prerequisites, eschewing the utilization of specific terms and phrases.

Step 2:

Determining the form of the legal entity

For those desiring to establish a concern in Dubai, there are sundry forms of enterprise, comprising limited liability enterprise (LLC), joint stock enterprises, consortia, representative bureaus of alien enterprises, etc. As of June 2021, the stipulation of a UAE citizen as an obligatory originator has been eradicated for the majority of enterprises, streamlining enrollment for alien capitalists.

Step 3:

Lease or purchase office space

A corporeal domicile is requisite to enroll a corporation. Office lease expenditures commence at AED 45,000 annually for a diminutive office spanning approximately 30 square meters in a favorable vicinity, yet may escalate contingent on the locale and caliber of the area.

Step 4:

Submission of documents

You necessitate to tender your petition and all requisite credentials to the Dubai Agency of Economic Advancement or the governance of the chosen unoccupied economic district. The submission procedure can be executed either personally or via the internet.

Step 5:

Obtaining the necessary licences and permits

Depending on the genre of undertaking, it may be imperative to acquire supplementary charters and permissions from the pertinent authorities.

The expense of enrollment and chartering hinges on the genre and magnitude of the enterprise and the particular stipulations of the endeavor. On mean, the entire expenditure can fluctuate from AED 20,000 and beyond, encompassing conceivable expenditures for the amenities of a native guarantor or envoy, which customarily range from AED 15,000 to AED 25,000 annually.

In general, the company incorporation process in Dubai is relatively straightforward and can be completed within 7-14 days after submission of a complete set of documents.

Required documents

The list of documents for setting up a business in Dubai depends on the legal status of the founders (individuals or corporations) and the type of business chosen. The basic set includes:

  • Enrollment solicitation document.
  • Commercial strategy of the establishment.
  • Charters of incorporation of the corporation.
  • Replicas of passports of the originators and designated administrators.

For corporate progenitors, the company's codicils of coalition, credential of inception, extractions from the mercantile roster, equity testimonials, and other apposite manuscripts are necessitated.

Procedural requirements

  1. Sanctioning of manuscripts: manuscripts promulgated extraneous the UAE must be sanctioned in the realm of issuance and then with the UAE Ministry of Exotic Affairs.
  2. Servitor Compulsory: for specific configurations of commercial frameworks, encompassing outgrowths of alien enterprises, it is mandatory to endorse a compact with a provincial servitor to advocate the concerns of the enterprise before UAE governmental bureaus.
  3. Company Immigration Card: obtaining an immigration card confirming the registration of the company with the Immigration Department is required for the processing of resident visas for owners and employees.
  4. Certification: acquiring the suitable charter affirms the enterprise's entitlement to function in a specific domain and necessitates yearly reinstatement.

To integrate a corporation in Dubai, it is imperative to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the indigenous legislation and, if needed, enlist the aid of experts to aid you at all phases, from the choice of a commercial configuration to the authentication of documents and licensing. Businesspersons should also keep in memory that the UAE legislative framework is incessantly evolving, which might impact the procedure of enrollment and subsequent execution of commerce.

The process of opening a corporate bank account in Dubai

Executing trade registration in Dubai and subsequently inaugurating a corporate monetary repository are pivotal strides to initiate your enterprise's activities in the vicinity. The repository commencement process might fluctuate contingent upon the precise bank and the essential paperwork, yet generally encompasses a handful of rudimentary strides and necessitates the compilation of a specific array of credentials. Acknowledge that for foreign entrepreneurs this progression could be notably intricate, thus we advocate procuring adept guidance from the mavens of YB CASE.

The perks of inaugurating a corporate repository in the UAE encompass streamlined monetary transactions, pliable repository equilibrium conditions, elevated echelon of funds safeguarding, advantageous credit conditions, exhaustive provision, and convenience in executing transnational disbursements.

The main steps in processing an invoice are:
  • Selecting a bank
  • Determining your commercial framework
  • Collecting required documents
  • Reaching out to the depository institution to tender a petition
  • Making an initial deposit and waiting for approval.

The process of applying for a business account with banks in Dubai is characterised by a certain variability in the time it may take to complete. This timeframe can range from one to three weeks and is directly dependent on the financial institution chosen and the completeness and accuracy of the documentation provided. In addition, the minimum deposit requirements for opening an account vary significantly between different banks. For example, Emirates NBD has a minimum deposit set at AED 5,000, while Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank requires a minimum deposit of AED 20,000 for certain categories of customers.

As part of the account inauguration procedure, particular heed is given to an exhaustive authentication of the patron's pecuniary engagement and individual particulars. This is executed to guarantee lucidity and safeguard of the pecuniary framework. Fruitful account inauguration will necessitate the proffering of a compendium of papers encompassing an intricate curriculum vitae mirroring the petitioner's vocational lineage, corroboration of domicile such as a utility invoice, authoritative corporate documents of the enterprise, individual fiscal statements of every stakeholder for the preceding half-year, and an intricate commercial schema.

The procedure of inaugurating a corporate pecuniary repository in Dubai engages thorough antecedent groundwork and assortment of a banking establishment that befits your commercial exigencies. Meticulous groundwork of all requisite manuscripts and their precise conformity with the stipulated requisites wield a pivotal function in triumphant and expeditious repository commencement, which constitutes a pivotal stride towards commercial progression in this strategically pivotal economic precinct.

Obtaining a visa for entrepreneurs in the UAE

The procedure of instituting a enterprise in Dubai, along with subsequently acquiring residency visas for company founders and pivotal employees, is a cardinal facet of guaranteeing prosperous and effective business operations in the United Arab Emirates. This procedure commences from the juncture the company is integrated, which emerges as the cornerstone for all ensuing documentation and visas necessary to toil and dwell in the nation.

At the very beginning, as soon as the company registration is successfully completed, the business will have to obtain an Immigration Card (also known as an Establishment Card), which opens the door to apply for UAE residency visas. The next step involves obtaining an Entry Permit, which is necessary to initiate the Emirates ID process, as well as to undergo a mandatory medical examination to confirm the applicant's state of health.

Numerous classifications of enduring inhabitant visas are accessible, incorporating 5- and 10-annual visas for capitalists and innovators procuring estate in the UAE. To procure a 10-annual visa, the worth of the estate procured must be at minimum AED 5 million, contingent upon complete payment and proprietorship of the estate for a least of 3 years.

To effectively request a resident visa, a collection of papers must be tendered, encompassing a warrant of proprietorship of the estate, ratification of its worth from the Land Department, certificates from the bank in the event of mortgage acquisition, as well as individual papers of the applicant.

The procedure of registering a corporation in Dubai and petitioning for a dweller visa necessitates meticulous groundwork and cognizance of all phases of the process. It is pivotal to keep in remembrance that regulatory requisites are susceptible to alteration, hence it is strongly suggested that you solicit proficient counsel to procure current information and backing at each phase of the requisite credentials and visas.

Tax system in Dubai

Registering a business in Dubai requires not only choosing the right jurisdiction, but also paying attention to the peculiarities of the local taxation system, which attracts investors with its transparency and loyal conditions. This system is characterised by the absence of income tax for individuals and the presence of tax preferences for certain types of business.

From 2023, the inauguration of a corporation excise toll of 9 per cent for corporations with yearly gains above AED 375,000 (about USD 102,100) was a notable alteration in Dubai's toll statutes. Nonetheless, corporations conducting in autonomous economic precincts and fulfilling specific standards may be absolved from this toll, underscoring the significance of a tactical methodology to toll strategizing.

VAT is set at 5 per cent and requires firms to register as VAT payers with the UAE Federal Tax Authority when annual turnover exceeds AED 375,000.

Moreover, there are singular imposts immunities for diminutive enterprises in Mainland and certain exempt regions until 2026 for firms with a turnover of up to AED 3 million, showcasing the UAE's dedication to bolstering the progression of diminutive enterprises and fledgling ventures through adaptable duty doctrines.

Understanding of the minutiae of the tax regimen in Dubai enables corporations to efficiently oversee their tax obligations and maximize the tax concessions accessible to foster their expansion in the Emirates.

Cost of our company's services

The corporation inauguration methodology in Dubai is a convoluted procedure that necessitates meticulous and sagacious strategizing and groundwork, considering the myriad pecuniary facets and amenities requisite to lawfully enroll and triumphantly initiate operations of your enterprise in the United Arab Emirates. In this milieu, the expenditure of our Dubai enterprise inauguration amenities ought to be perceived as an initial appraisal, contingent upon adaptation predicated on the singular exigencies and circumstances linked with your corporation inauguration endeavor.

Let's take a closer perusal at the constituents of the expense of establishing a corporation in Dubai. The immigratory carte required for each visa will incur a fee of $700. This manuscript is the pivotal credential for visa solicitation and validates the enrollment of your enterprise with the UAE immigratory bureau.

The amenities to enroll your corporation in Dubai and acquire a visa are US$1,400 for each amenity. This expense encompasses all procedural measures necessitated to formally enroll your corporation with the pertinent UAE government authorities, along with the submission and handling of documents to acquire a resident visa.

A therapeutical scrutiny, an obligatory stride for acquiring a domiciliary visa, incurs USD 250. This scrutiny is requisite to corroborate your fitness and that there are no therapeutic disadvisements to sojourning and toiling in the UAE.

Emirates Identification, an identifying carte that functions as the principal manuscript to substantiate your identity in the UAE, incurs US$200. If you necessitate urgent fingerprinting, there is an added tariff of AED 1,500 for Emirates Identification.

It's furthermore worthy of cogitation possible supplementary expenditures such as leasing a tenement or bureau space for your enterprise, as well as bank account inauguration amenities, which can incur from US$4,900 plus bank fees. These expenditures fluctuate contingent on the locale, dimensions and caliber of the leased property, as well as banking stipulations and provisos.

Generally, amalgamating a corporation in Dubai necessitates a substantial pecuniary outlay, yet proffers remarkable openings for commercial advancement in one of the most swiftly burgeoning economies globally. It is imperative to contemplate all conceivable expenditures and strategize your financial plan to encompass plausible alterations in the progression of enlisting and inaugurating your corporation. This is notably veracious for SMEs, for whom Dubai presents an array of fiscal inducements and assistance, encompassing a 'Modicum Enterprise Relief' with a turnover threshold of AED 3 million until 2026, accentuating the UAE's dedication to fostering a propitious milieu for entrepreneurship.


With this in mind, our company offers comprehensive UAE business registration and support services, including assistance in obtaining all necessary licences and permits, immigration and employment support, as well as taxation and financial planning advice. We strive to provide our clients with maximum convenience and efficiency at every stage of registering and doing business in Dubai, helping you to achieve your business goals with minimum cost and maximum benefit.


Establishing a concern in Dubai necessitates contemplation of sundry pecuniary facets, encompassing the enrollment of the enterprise to acquiring the requisite permits and visas for proprietors and staff.

Upon aggregating the expenditures and considering plausible ancillary expenditures like leasing a domicile or workplace, the aggregate proximate sum may fluctuate. Nevertheless, to procure a precise comprehension of the entire expense of establishing a corporation in Dubai, an illustrative inaugural sum of US$10000 or beyond can be postulated. This is grounded on the particular amenities and prerequisites of your enterprise, exclusive of lease or office expanse and plausible bank charges for inaugurating an account.

These are solely approximations and factual expenditures may fluctuate depending on a multitude of factors, encompassing alterations in UAE statutes and charges, as well as your particular requirements and inclinations. It is consequently pivotal to strategize your enterprise inauguration fiscal plan meticulously and contemplate all plausible expenditures to ascertain the most proficient and economically sound approach to materialize your commercial undertaking in Dubai.

In general, establishing a venture in Dubai is a pivotal stride that can unlatch your avenues to the global market and afford you entry to the advantages of conducting commerce in one of the most economically captivating and kinetic regions on the globe. It is crucial to contemplate all facets of the procedure and strive to optimize expenditures to capitalize on the assets and opportunities at hand.

YB CASE specialists are prepared to furnish all requisite details and comprehensive assistance for enterprise incorporation in the UAE. To reach out to us, kindly select a suitable approach from the "Reach Us" segment.

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