Registering an LLP in 2024

Registering a foreign company is always an important step for every entrepreneur. First of all, you need to think about choosing a legal form of your future company. Registering an LLP is one of the most popular forms of starting a business.

Basically, if you decide to register an LLP, then you should know, that it is an enterprise, operating on the basis of partnership agreements. In most cases, registering a partnership implies, that tax-free companies can act as partners in the structure of your enterprise.

Establishing an LLP, key points:

  • It is necessary to maintain and submit reports.
  • In some cases, depending on a selected jurisdiction, such companies need to be audited.
  • A Charter of the company must be drawn up in accordance with authorities requirements and in a special form. In this matter, if you decide to open a Limited Liability Partnership, services of YB Case specialists include a proper preparation of the company’s Charter.
  • If you are interested in registering LLPs, note that there are special requirements for an authorized capital in different jurisdictions. Our competent experts will tell you about all nuances, when you will choose a jurisdiction, where you want to set up an LLP.
  • A payment of taxes can be avoided, if you don’t conduct business activities in the state, where the enterprise was registered.
  • Doing business with local companies is prohibited.
  • Terms of a partnership registration, in most cases, do not take more than 14 days. In order to register an LLP, you must prepare a small package of documents. Undoubtedly, a convenient option is to establish a Limited Liability Partnership remotely. A minimum number of partners is two legal entities. Many jurisdictions have a public register, where a beneficiary information is available. YB Case specialists will carefully select a jurisdiction, in which it is most profitable to register a Limited Liability Partnership in connection with your requests.

We will provide our professional support, if you decide:

  • to register a partnership in England;
  • to set up an LLP in the USA;
  • to establish a Limited Liability Partnership in Delaware;
  • to register an LLP in Canada;
  • to register a Limited Liability Partnership in the Cayman Islands.

You can rely entirely on YB Case expets, who have a tremendous experience in registering partnerships in various jurisdictions.

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