Registering a company in Singapore with an account in 2022

Interested in registering a company in Singapore and in opening a corporate account in Singapore?

In this article we will consider in detail how to set up a company in Singapore and how to open an account in Singapore remotely?

Singapore is a state of 63 islands, located in Southeast Asia and bordered by Malaysia and Indonesia. It has a favorable location for business, as well as a well-developed infrastructure and the economic stability. Registering a company in Singapore provides an opportunity to increase revenues, to conduct international relations and negotiations, to export and import products around the world.

It is because of these favorable conditions, that many internationally oriented businessmen want to establish a company in Singapore.

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A corporate tax is 17%. New companies are exempt from tax during the first 3 years.

Conditions for registering a Singapore company:

  • The unique name;
  • An appointment of a secretary (can be either an individual or a legal entity);
  • A local registered address;
  • A package of documents;

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Opening a corporate account in Singapore. Benefits:

  • The banking sector operates in conditions of the economic and political stability.
  • A full comprehensive service of bank representatives.
  • The account security guarantee for individuals and legal entities.
  • A full confidentiality.
  • The avoidance of double taxation with other countries.
  • An Internet banking.
  • A loyalty of bank employees to their customers.

Documents, required to open an account with a Singapore bank:

  • An identity document - a copy of the passport;
  • Secondary identity document - rights, a credit card copy, etc.;
  • The proof of the address of residence.

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