Obtaining an EORI number for a local company in the UK

Owners of an existing business, as well as those who want to register a company in the UK and open a bank account in England, can now quickly and easily obtain an EORI number in the UK by asking for legal support services from YB Case specialists.

Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number is a unique registration number that is assigned to entrepreneurs specializing in international trade.

You can order an EORI number in the UK during the registration process in the appropriate system. This system is created for the registration, as well as the identification of persons engaged in entrepreneurial activity.

The main purpose of this number is to pass customs checks promptly when importing or exporting goods into/out of the European Union.

Key benefits of a UK EORI number

Obtaining an EORI number in the UK for a local company will allow businessmen who want to open a company in England enjoy the following advantages:

  • Minimize the probability of refusal to accept a customs declaration prepared by an enterprise;
  • To greatly simplify the process of customs clearance;
  • Reduce to a minimum the length of time the cargo stays at the border during transportation;
  • Obtaining a UK EORI number will allow your potential business partners to obtain useful additional information about you and your company, which helps to increase confidence and respectability.

Conditions for ordering an EORI number

Those who run an existing business or plan to register a company in England and order an EORI number in the UK will need to provide our specialists with the following data:

  • Name and type of activity of the enterprise (import/export operations);
  • The address of registration of the company in the United Kingdom (if necessary, our lawyers will help you to open a company in the UK and prepare all the required documents);
  • Availability of a VAT number in one of the countries of the Eurozone (if any);
  • Details of directors/partners of the enterprise, including names, date of birth, citizenship;
  • Contacts of an enterprise specializing in the design and transportation of goods abroad (freight agent), in particular, name, address, telephone number, etc.;
  • Details of goods transported across the border (quantity, total amount, currency);
  • Information on the supplier/recipient of goods, including the name, address and contacts;
  • The method of transportation of goods (auto, air or rail transportation);
  • The name of the border checkpoint at the entrance to the European Union (export operations) and at the exit from the European Union (import operations);
  • Number of cargo transportation (air waybill, postal identifier, waybill);
  • Planned date of passage of cargo across the border with the European Union.

Legal aid in obtaining an EORI number

If you are interested in the opportunity to obtain an EORI number in the UK for a local company, then our experts are ready to provide you with a full range of professional services, including:

  • Preparation of a detailed business analysis of the state$
  • Legal support in opening a company in England (in the form of Ltd)
  • Legal aid in opening an account with a UK bank;
  • Assistance in preparing relevant registration documents.

EORI number registration period: from 3 to 5 days

Cost of legal assistance in obtaining of EORI numbers in the UK:250 USD

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