How to open an investment fund in the Seychelles in 2023
How to open an investment fund in the Seychelles in 2023

Seychelles opportunities today attract a wide range of foreign investors. Opening an offshore in the Seychelles is quite popular today, however, in terms of its ability to protect, preserve and redistribute a capital, such a service as registering an investment fund in the Seychelles is, also, of sufficient interest. An individual fund and an enterprise can establish an investment fund in the Seychelles. The Seychelles Investment Fund will operate as a legal entity.

Experts of YB Case say, that you can effectively use investment funds in the Seychelles for any purpose, be it a commerce or the redistribution of capital.

Registering an offshore fund in the Seychelles implies the presence of a number of features of this jurisdiction:

  • You are exempted from any claims from creditors, legal successors, a legislative influence of other countries.
  • There must, also, be a guarantor, who provides a leadership.
  • It is mandatory, that there is a beneficiary (one or a group; an individual or a company), that makes a profit.
  • Members of the council must also be present (individuals, companies, founders, and, certainly, not founders).
  • The presence of shareholders is not required.
  • Seychelles is a party to double tax treaties with a number of states.
  • There is no exchange control.
  • The minimum investment per investor is at least $100,000.

If you decide to open an investment fund in Seychelles, YB Case specialists will draw your attention to the fact, that a registered investment fund will itself become the owner of the accepted assets. Now their belonging to someone is specifically invalid.

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You can register investment funds in Seychelles in such types:

  • A public, which is usually established by relatives or associations of individuals;
  • A private, created respectively by individuals - owners of private investment funds;
  • A state;
  • A combined (including the first three).

Investment funds in the Seychelles have the right to take ownership of enterprises and assets:

  • Commercial companies;
  • Securities/shares;
  • Investment portfolios;
  • Deposits from banks;
  • An intellectual property;
  • Buildings and constructions.

You can open an investment fund in Seychelles, using services of qualified team of YB Case, who will help to set up a fund in Seychelles in your interests, as its owner.

Registering an investment fund in the Seychelles can help you with the following:

  • Safely manage your assets;
  • Transfer assets;
  • Securely save funds;
  • Protect property from any encroachment.

Benefits of the Seychelles investment fund are undeniable and include:

  • A high degree of confidentiality of the beneficiary;
  • A full centralized asset control;
  • The absence of any restrictions on types of companies;

Registering an investment fund in the Seychelles, can be a convenient tax haven for founders of offshore companies, because investors can exclude transferred funds from a taxation of their income; in this jurisdiction there is no capital gains tax or income tax.

The fund, also, has the right to open a bank account in the Seychelles

If you want to register an investment fund in the Seychelles, request for individual advice on the purchase of an investment fund in the Seychelles from experienced YB Case employees. Seychelles can really help you in ensuring your family interests, as well as the needs of your heirs.

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