How to register an offshore investment fund

How to register an offshore investment fund

Often we are approached by clients, who want to register an offshore investment fund. They are interested in details of the formation and operation of this financial structure, especially in offshore zones. In today's article, we will analyze the purpose and advantages of investment funds.

An offshore fund (the investment fund, a mutual investment fund, a hedge fund, etc.) is intended for the receipt and preservation of profit.

By regstering an offshore fund, you get the following advantages:
  • little or no taxes;
  • quick registration and minimal paperwork;
  • ease of asset management.

Mutual funds serve as a tool to increase your assets.

What jurisdictions are suitable for this type of business?

By enlisting the services of our company you get the help of highly qualified experts who will analyze your needs and assist you with choosing the most suitable jurisdiction. Among the most popular and sought-after countries: Caymans, BVI, Bahamas, Belize, Jersey and others.

For example, if you have decided to register an offshore investment fund in the Cayman Islands, you need to learn about all nuances of doing business in this jurisdiction. Despite having similar laws, each country has its own set of requirements for this kind of financial entity.

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The most common commercial link: a management company (in the form of a partnership or LLC) + the fund.

Compared to Europe (to register an investment fund in Luxembourg, to register an investment fund in Liechtenstein, to register a Czech investment fund, to register an investment fund in Switzerland, etc.) - registering an investment fund in tax havens has a number of benefits. However, it may sometimes cause far more difficulties than it would in European jurisdictions.

Mandatory conditions

To register an offshore investment fund, you must have:
  • the auditor (responsible for accounting);
  • an investor;
  • a manager (the company or person is responsible for managing assets and ensures compliance with instructions and laws).

Assets can be securities, bonds, stocks, a real estate, collection wines, corporate rights in other companies and more.

An important nuance

After making a decision to register an offshore company, register a private fund, or to register an offshore trust - you will have to renew the registration annually. This is necessary for legal status. We will help you to open an investment fund and to extend its validity.

How to issue a hedge fund?

Looking to register an investment fund in the Seychelles or establish a fund?

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