Top 10 countries for ICO in 2024

Registering a company for ICO, as well as obtaining a license for ICO, will be a good idea for starting a business in 2024. In this article, we will examine in detail the most priority jurisdictions with a favorable business climate for the implementation of ICO projects.

The cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly, and every year attracts more and more interest from both beginners and experienced businessmen. Today, in almost half of the existing countries of the world, cryptocurrency activities are not only allowed, but also encouraged by local authorities.


  • a legality of crypto activities;
  • use of cryptocurrency as digital means of payment;
  • a level of a state interest and stimulation of the development of the ICO sphere;
  • comfortable conditions for doing business.

If you intend to open a company for ICO, and would like to obtain a crypto license, we recommend you carefully studying this list.


Japan is considered one of the most attractive jurisdictions for opening a Japanese ICO business, not only because of the absolute legality of such activities, but also because of its promising growth: a country of the rising sun is actively introducing cryptocurrencies as a convenient alternative to cash. The Japanese prefer not only to use it as an additional means of payment, but also to store personal capital.

Due to the country’s high interest in the further development and improvement of the cryptoeconomics, the idea of ​​opening a company for ICO in Japan and obtaining a license for ICO in Japan in 2024 is relevant.


This jurisdiction offers foreign investors and potential entrepreneurs immediately 2 profitable options for registering a company for ICO, in particular:

  • Obtaining a license for crypto activities in Switzerland by contacting the FINMA (a financial Regulator);
  • To get a membership in a VQF organization.

In the first case, you will have a rather lengthy process of paperwork and obtaining all the necessary permissions. In the second case, when you contact the VQF self-regulatory organization, you will get a chance to start a crypto business in the near future. Both options are absolutely legal, the key difference is the cost of obtaining the type of service you have chosen.

In general, registering a company for ICO in Switzerland and opening an account with a Swiss bank are two most reliable option for starting this type of business in 2024.


Registering a company for ICO in Australia and obtaining an Australian crypto license will be a good option for starting an international business. Australia is a highly developed country with adapted legislation, which is interested in attracting foreign investment, and is positive about the development of the ICO sphere. The only disadvantage of this jurisdiction may be high taxes.


Singapore can be safely called one of the most prestigious jurisdictions for conducting cryptocurrency activities. The legislation of this country has launched extensive activities on the implementation of ICO and seeks to create the most comfortable conditions for the development of this sphere.

Today, there are 2 legal ways to open a company for ICO in Singapore:

  • To obtain a license for cryptocurrencies, such as CMSL or FAL;
  • To get permission for a virtual exchanger or the provision of market operator services from the financial Regulator MAS.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is well-known for its commitment to crypto-business. A country not only advocates for the introduction and soft regulation of the status of cryptocurrencies, but also contributes to the comprehensive development of this sphere. Today, in the Czech Republic there is a large crypto regulation center, as well as a huge number of blockchain companies, specializing in improving cryptotechnologies.

To open an ICO company in the Czech Republic and to order a license for crypto activities will be a good solution for those, who want to start an entrepreneurial activity in this jurisdiction.

New Zealand

If you would like to register a company for ICO in New Zealand, then in 2024 you will find excellent conditions for conducting this type of business. The authorities of New Zealand launched a large-scale activity on the introduction of cryptocurrencies and the regulation of their legal status, trying to create a comfortable environment for attracting foreign investment.

To start a business in the crypto industry in New Zealand, you will be allowed to order a New Zealand license for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, which you can get by contacting the FMA.

Please note, that conducting crypto activities in this jurisdiction is equivalent to conducting transactions with securities.


Estonia can also be called one of the most friendly countries in terms of cryptocurrency activities. The status of cryptocurrencies in the country is equivalent to an alternative means of payment. A country offers favorable and absolutely legal conditions for conducting international business.

To register a company for ICO in Estonia or to obtain a license for crypto activities in Estonia, you can contact the national Regulator of the Republic of Estonia (EFSA). Among the individual advantages of doing business in this state, it is worth highlighting flexible taxation, and there is also no need to pay VAT for cryptocurrencies.


In recent years, Argentina has managed to become one of the most attractive countries for starting an ICO business. A country is enthusiastic about the development of this area and is committed to encouraging the activities of foreign entrepreneurs. In the framework of cooperation with Binance Labs, a country offers attractive grants for investment projects, as well as providing legal support in the process of opening a blockchain company.

Registering an ICO company in Argentina, as well as obtaining a license for cryptocurrencies, will give you every chance of successfully opening and conducting business in the territory of this state.


Establishing an ICO company in Spain and obtaining a license for ICO is another attractive option for starting a business in 2024. Among the key advantages of this jurisdiction are the following:

  • a developed competitive economy;
  • a stable political environment;
  • a flexible tax system;
  • the focus on the development and improvement of ICO;
  • the exemption from VAT on transactions related to cryptocurrency.

In general, we can conclude that opening a crypto business in Spain is a rather promising solution.


Many entrepreneurs seek to start a crypto business in the Republic of Belarus in 2024, because this jurisdiction is rightfully considered one of the most favourable in relation to ICO regulation. It is worth noting, that a license for cryptocurrency activities is not required, while you have a legal opportunity to manage a cryptocurrency exchange and ICO platform, act as an operator for an ICO exchange, conduct mining and more.

A prerequisite for opening a business in the field of cryptocurrencies in Belarus is the registration of a company for ICO in Belarus.

How to order a license for ICO?

Turning to the services of YB Case specialists, you will receive professional support in registering a company for an ICO and obtaining a license for cryptocurrencies in any of the following jurisdictions. We will provide you with a detailed up-to-date analysis of your chosen jurisdiction, assist you in filling out all the necessary documents, and provide you with qualified advice in opening a corporate account remotely with banks in Switzerland, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Australia and others.

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