Investment Support Services

Investments are all types of financial, material, intellectual and other values invested by investors in different areas of economy in order to make a profit. The dynamics of investment activities is the most important macroeconomic indicator characterizing the level of prosperity and development potential of the state’s economy.

YB Case investment management specialists will provide you with professional legal advisory services depending on the type of your investment tools in the following fields:

  • Real estate (income-generating property).
  • Industrial production (technological lines, equipment, machines, modernization mechanisms).
  • Financial capital (debt obligations, securities certifying property rights, loans, etc.).
  • Scientific and technical products.
  • Companies (firms) that are sold and bought as a result of bankruptcy and for other reasons.
  • Capital construction.
  • Innovative technologies.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Direct investments (investment in the production and working capital of enterprises).

Under current international law, investment activities usually are financed by:

  • Investor’s personal financial resources or reserves.
  • Investor’s loan funds.
  • Fundraising.
  • Centralized funds.
  • Public or state allocations.
  • Foreign investment.

With all the variety of sources and methods of financing, investment mechanisms ultimately can be reduced to three main forms:

  • Self-financing.
  • External loan financing.
  • Direct investment.

Specialists from YB Case are perfectly aware that rational and flexible regulation of investment activities in a market economy is impossible without the creation of certain legal forms and procedures. Legal regulation of investment activity is carried out by general civil and economic legislation and by special investment legislation regulating the procedures for attracting domestic and foreign investment.

Our specialists are actively involved in the following areas that go in hand with effective formation of international investment relations:

  • Development of transparent regulatory framework governing the attraction of foreign investment and business activities of foreign investors.
  • Development of concession agreements, production sharing agreements, and investment agreements with foreign firms.
  • Improvement of system of guarantees, protection and insurance of foreign investments.
  • Development of system of information and advisory support.
  • Marketing analysis of investment programs and projects.
  • Support associated with international consortia, venture funds, leasing companies, etc.
  • Preparation of agreements on the promotion and mutual protection of investments and multilateral investment agreements.
  • Development of investment cooperation with international institutions and organizations.

Specialists from YB Case will provide you with full professional support in the following types of investment cooperation:

  • Joint state-commercial financing of investment projects;
  • Creation of international financial-industrial groups with the participation of international enterprises and financial institutions;
  • International financial leasing;
  • Creation of contractual joint organizations such as consortia for investment activities

Contact us now, if you need a professional professional aid for practical implementation of pre-investment, investment and operational phases of investment project.

Investment Risk Advisory Services

YB Case specialists have an extensive experience in handling professional issues of investment risks, such as:

  • Price risk: the likelihood of unforeseen financial losses from changes in prices for products or individual financial instruments in the upcoming period or during purchase & sale transactions.
  • Default risk: the inability of a bond issuer to pay interest on time or the principal amount of the debt.
  • Inflation risk: the risk that the real return, i.e. return on inflation can be negative.
  • Exchange rate risk: the risk depends on the exchange rate of the currency during the payments on the securities.
  • Reinvestment risk: the risk of a decrease in profitability from investing funds received from previously made investments.
  • Call risk: the opportunity for the issuer of bonds to withdraw all or part of the bonds before the maturity date.
  • Liquidity risk: the impossibility of a quick sale of an asset on the market without a significant reduction in its value.

If you are a private or institutional investor who plans to invest your funds in various sectors of the global economy in order to provide the company with financial and administrative support, improve entity’s efficiency, modernize technologies and ensure long-term growth, thenYB Case global team of investment management specialists will be able to provide for you with the most appropriate and effective professional advice on your investment plan or structure regardless whether it is your own assets or third-party money. Our assistance is fully integrated with regulatory, transactional and tax professional advisory services.

We are ready to provide you with full-service professional support related to the following investment areas, activities and projects:

  • Collective investment (fixed income funds; equity funds; guaranteed funds; distribution funds; accumulation funds).
  • Legal issues associated with investment companies (open-end & close-end companies).
  • Interest rate risk advisory services.
  • Risk forecasting.
  • Investment capital requirements (various jurisdictions).
  • Analysis of stock market performance.
  • Index investing strategy.
  • Advising on capitalization, stratified, and quadratic optimization methods.
  • Top-down & bottom-up equity management advisory services.
  • Use of futures in investment management.
  • Use of securities options in investment activities.
  • Investment in securities with fixed income (corporate bonds; government bonds; municipal securities; European bonds; privileged shares).
  • Monitoring of factors influencing the variability of bond prices.
  • Estimation of the issuer's expected creditworthiness.
  • Forecasting the expected liquidity of bonds.
  • Development of an active investment portfolio management strategy.
  • Immunized investment portfolio restructuring.
  • Use of Swaps and “Cap” & “Floor” contracts in investment management.
  • Legal issues related to investment to hedge funds and private equities.
  • General assessment of investment management efficiency.

Contact YB Case now to benefit from specialists well-versed in the investment management field, who have profound knowledge and extensive experience in matters connected with compliance and regulatory issues, fund formation and administration, distribution management, taxation and restructuring. We also advise investment managers in dealings with state regulators, international investment companies and international judicial and financial institutions (IBRD, ICSID, and MIGA).

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