The D7 visa opens up great opportunities for visitors to Portugal

If Portugal allures you with its leisurely tempo of existence, alongside substantial political and economic steadiness, if you possess revenue streams and you are contemplating relocating, ponder procuring a D7 visa. It is a distinctive category of entry authorization designed for alien nationals who are not EU affiliates but maintain a consistent unearned income. The primary objective is to entice financially stable expatriates to the nation who can assimilate into Portuguese society without burdening the social welfare system.

Living in Portugal after emigration: pros and cons

This nation entices numerous individuals with its unique ethos, propitious weather, steadfast fiscal and governmental status, along with a deliberate rhythm of existence.

Advantages of residing in Portugal:
  • EU accession: unlocks portals to all EU nations, bestowing liberty of traversal.
  • Temperate climate: radiant days dominate perpetually, and winters are brief and balmy.
  • Security: Portugal boasts one of the most negligible crime indices in Europe.
  • Variety of nature: from scenic peaks to cerulean shores - each individual will discover a panorama to their preference.
  • Fiscal advantages: The Non-habitual Resident scheme offers a chance to be absolved from levies on extraterritorial earnings.
  • Calm ambiance: The unhurried rhythm of existence endows this nation with a unique aura.
Detriments of residing in Portugal:
  • Indigence: the job market is inundated, securing an occupation with a substantial remuneration is arduous.
  • Exorbitant levies: The taxation framework is graduated, and for non-NHR inhabitants, revenue tax can ascend to a considerably elevated tier of 48%.
  • Meager stipends: Median remunerations are inferior compared to other Occidental European nations.
  • Red tape: documentation and settlement of any matters may be protracted due to administrative formalities.
  • Linguistic impediment: Portuguese is an intricate language to master, and conversing in English does not invariably ensure effortless interaction.

Before relocating to Portugal, meticulously ponder all the advantages and disadvantages, assess your faculties and horizons.

D7 visa in Portugal: pros and features

The authorization confers a multitude of privileges and advantages to its bearers:

  • Domicile authorization: grants the entitlement to dwell in the nation for a biennium with the potential for subsequent prolongation.
  • Liberty of locomotion: With a D7 visa, you can perambulate unimpeded throughout the Schengen territory without necessitating supplementary permissions.
Tax benefits:
  • Extramural condition: D7 visa grantees possess the chance to obtain extramural condition in Portugal for fiscal objectives, granting them the privilege to abstain from levies on extraneous revenue.
  • Fiscal Abatement Scheme: Portugal proffers a fiscal abatement scheme for expatriates relocating to the nation, which can furnish advantages on revenue levy, estate duty, and ancillary imposts.
Access to education and healthcare:
  • Public instruction: Offspring of D7 visa bearers are entitled to gratis public instruction in Portugal.
  • Public medical care: D7 visa bearers are entitled to avail themselves of the Portuguese public medical care system under the same stipulations as citizens.
Business opportunity:
  • Embarking upon a Business: Visa beneficiaries have the liberty to inaugurate an enterprise and labor within the realm.
  • Capitalization: This visa furnishes avenues to a plethora of capitalization prospects within the realm, like procuring immovable property or investing in enterprises.
Opportunity to obtain Portuguese citizenship:
  • Following quintuple lustrums of habitation, the visa bearer attains eligibility to petition for enduring habitation.
  • Following sextuple lustrums of habitation with enduring habitation, you may anticipate being capable to petition for Portuguese nationality.

Before you commence enregistration, you need to peruse the freshest intelligence. We suggest visiting the webplace of the Lusitanian embassy or consulate in your realm. Here you will discover the most recent prerequisites, an inventory of requisite papers, and communication hub locales.

This is an outstanding preference for:

  • Economically autonomous individuals: financiers, self-employed, annuitants, proprietors overseas.
  • Distant laborers: informaticians, commercializers, stylists, and other agents of cybernetic crafts.
  • Enterprisers strategizing to conduct commerce in Portugal, yet disinclined to expend substantial amounts immediately.
  • Households whose revenue facilitates them to guarantee a respectable quality of existence in the nation.

Disadvantages of the D7 visa

Acquiring a visa also harbors certain detriments, such as:

  • Protracted enrollment procedure.
  • Elevated pecuniary prerequisites.
  • The necessity to furnish a copious amount of records.

In general, the D7 leave is a superb choice for individuals who desire to reside and labor in a nation with a lofty pecuniary standard and a steadfast political framework.

Step-by-step plan for obtaining a D7 visa

Step 1


Evaluate your likelihood of acquiring a visa and residency sanction using a preliminary examination. Discern plausible predicaments and procure counsel to redress them.

Step 2

Acquiring NIF and inaugurating a bank ledger:

You will necessitate your tax identifier. This confers entitlement to lease immovable property, as well as to inaugurate a ledger in a native bank. Subsequent to inaugurating a ledger, transfer to it the sum requisite to sustain your household for one annual cycle.

NIF is requisite for:

  • Receiving therapeutical assistance
  • Acquiring or leasing immovables
  • Commencing a bank account
  • Carriage enrollment
  • Enrollment of other consequential transactions.

There are sundry methods to procure NIF:

  • In flesh at the tributary office (Finanças) - Thou shalt need to furnish a distant passport, a parchment confirming thy domicile in the realm (for instance, a lease covenant, a utilities invoice), a consummated Pattern NR1 form (it may be fetched from the Finanças site).
  • Via an envoy: Thou mayst commission the crafting of NIF to a confidant. They ought to present thy passport, thy authority of attorney bestowed by a Portuguese notary, thy passport, attestation of domicile, and a consummated Pattern NR1 form.
Step 3

Procuring immovable property or leasing

Authenticate your domicile.

Step 4

Agglomeration of documentation

Ready all requisite papers concerning your revenue, enrollment, assurance, complete forms, tender an entreaty to the consulate, input biometric statistics, and procure a visa for a span of four months. Throughout this duration, it is imperative to promptly ingress the realm and solicit for a residency privilege. Dereliction of deadline adherence will culminate in visa nullification.

Step 5
Presenting a petition for a residency privilege.
Step 6
Attaining a residency privilege.

Refusal to obtain a D7 visa

There exist a multitude of rationales why a visa might be declined:

Conditions not fulfilled:
  • Misinformation: Dispensing mendacious or unreliable intelligence in an entreaty or manuscripts automatically results in repudiation.
  • Deficient latent revenue: the primary rationale for rejection is the incapacity to substantiate the presence of a steadfast latent revenue that aligns with the minimal prerequisites (€820 per month for the principal petitioner and €510 per month for every kinsman).
  • Absence of medical indemnity: Devoid of valid medical indemnity that encompasses expenditures in the Schengen territory, the probabilities of acquiring a visa are meager.
  • Nonconfirmation of habitation: Nonconfirmation of habitation in Portugal (leasing, estate) is likewise grounds for repudiation.
  • Criminal dossier: Possessing a felony conviction renders acquiring a visa nearly insurmountable.
Violation of application rules:
  • Fragmentary collection of records: the nonappearance of any of the requisite records shall culminate in denial.
  • Erroneously executed petition: fallacies or erroneously executed completion of the petition are a prevalent rationale for denial.
  • Neglect to remit charges: Should you neglect to remit the consular remuneration and ancillary charges, you shall be precluded from acquiring a visa
Safety problems:
  • State Security Menace: Should you present a menace to Portugal or other Schengen nations, your visa will be rebuffed.
  • Antecedent transgressions: Transgression of immigration statutes formerly can also be a cause for denial.
Other reasons:
  • Deficiency to attain the aim of the visa: Deficiency to substantiate that your aim is to reside in Portugal without toiling may culminate in refusal.
  • Deficiency of linguistic proficiency: Not conversing in Portuguese or another sanctioned language at a proficient level may pose a hindrance.
  • Insufficiency of pecuniary resources: If you are unable to persuade the consul that you possess adequate funds to subsist in the nation, your visa will be repudiated.

Income Requirements

A suitor desiring to acquire this visa must possess the ensuing unearned revenue:

  • At the least €820 monthly is requisite from the supplicant.
  • Every supplementary grown-up: €410 monthly in addition.
  • Offspring: €246 monthly in addition.

All emolument and opulence must be evidenced. And all corroboration will have to be translated into Lusitanian. Obtaining a septenary visa is a multi-stage procedure that necessitates meticulous preparation. We counsel you to liaise with an immigration advocate who will assist you in assembling everything you require and completing your submission accurately.

Types of passive income:

Revenue factored into deliberation while contemplating a D7 visa entreaty may encompass:

  • Rental emolument from landed estate: You must proffer certification that validates proprietorship of the estate and lease indentures indicating the monthly hire.
  • Investment emolument: This might encompass dividends from equities, interest on debentures and deposits, emolument from commingled funds, etc. You ought to proffer statements from your brokerage holdings or other documentation bolstering your investment emolument.
  • Superannuation: You can procure a D7 visa if you receive a superannuation from a public or private superannuation pool. You should exhibit statements from your superannuation coffers and other documentation affirming the magnitude of your superannuation.
  • Copyright emolument: If you obtain copyrights for your oeuvres (books, music, visual arts, etc.), you can utilize this emolument to acquire a D7 visa. You will necessitate to proffer pacts with publishers or other documentation corroborating your emolument as an auteur.

Steps to obtain a D7 visa

Let's discourse concerning the pivotal strides necessitated to procure this visa:

Step 1

Collect documents

  • A autographed and accomplished form (in the circumstance of juveniles or incapacitated individuals, the form must be autographed by their lawful custodian);
  • Twain passport daguerreotypes;
  • Wanderlust script valid for more than 3 moonlights after the anticipated embarkation date - photocopy of passport and erstwhile visas;
  • Flight minutiae;
  • Affirmation of place of toil and emolument for the terminal 3 moonlights, bank statements (affirmation of proceeds) warranting sojourn and revert;
  • Wanderlust medicinal assurance (minimum EUR 30,000 to encompass any outlays that may eventuate due to repatriation for medicinal rationales, etc.).
  • Hostel booking.
  • Wanderlust license for juveniles or tribunal edict (if relevant);
  • Warranted lodgment for a kinfolk member or host, or hostel booking;
  • For commercial jaunts, an entreaty must be proffered denoting the ground for the jaunt, dates of alighting and departing, as well as an indication of the receiving bash, denoting the appellation of the individual accountable for the entreaty;
  • Certificate of virtuous conduct (age 18+) promulgated by the adroit authorities of his/her birthland or the land where he/she has dwelled for more than a year;
Step 2

Payment of duties:

  • A testimonial for a testament of innocence incipits from 50 euros.
  • Consulate levy, which is 200 euros.
  • Sanative assurance covenant.
  • Transcription of manuscripts into Lusitanian incurs from roughly 20 euros per folio.
Step 3


The visa supplication must be tendered in the flesh to the embassy or consulate in your realm. In some instances an interrogation may be necessitated.

Step 4


Betwixt two to four moons is the proximate epoch for deliberation of the supplication.

Step 5

Acquiring a visa:

Should your supplication be sanctioned, you will be conferred a D7 visa, bestowing upon you the entitlement to sojourn in Portugal for a span of up to 1 annum.

Business in Portugal

Portugal is a winsome realm for conducting commerce for a plethora of rationales:

  • Stalwart opulence with scant inflation and burgeoning GDP.
  • Propitious levy regimen, a plethora of tax boons for alien capitalists and impresarios.
  • The nation harbors a proficient labor pool with commendable erudition and linguistic acumen.
  • The infrastructure is finely wrought, encompassing the conveyance schema, communications, and vigour.
  • The nation is a constituent of the European Union, endowing entrepreneurs ingress to a marketplace with exceeding 450 million consumers.
  • Bestows a lofty caliber of existence with a temperate clime, exquisite panorama, and elaborated societal infrastructure.

Potential sectors of promise:

  • Voyaging is one of the principal branches of the Portuguese economy. The nation possesses numerous charming traveler locales such as Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, and Madeira.
  • The immovable property market is burgeoning expeditiously and is exceedingly alluring for investment.
  • The IT domain is burgeoning expeditiously and proffers copious commercial openings.
  • The nation is a paramount producer of agrarian commodities such as wine, oleaginous liquid, and produce.
  • Portugal is a vanguard in the generation of sustainable energy, rendering it enticing for investment in this sphere.

A number of tax incentives are offered for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, such as:

  • The Sojourner Duty Reimbursement initiative enables expatriates relocating to the nation to remit duty on their alien earnings at a abated tariff.
  • There exist duty encouragements for nascent enterprises, rendering it a captivating nation for commencing a fresh enterprise.

Features of housing in Portugal

The nation employs a domiciliary appellation mechanism that differs from other lands. In promotions for domiciles and residences, you will encounter the acronym "T" succeeded by a numeral. "T" signifies "type" and the numeral denotes the count of distinct sleeping chambers:

  • T0: atelier (lacking individuated bedchambers)
  • T1: atelier domicile (sole boudoir)
  • T2: duo-chamber domicile (a pair of bedchambers)
  • T3: trio-chamber domicile (three separate bedchambers), etc.

Lease of domicile:

Lusitanian lessors are more disposed to lease to their compatriots than to migrants, thus you must exert diligence to unearth the optimal selection. To augment your prospects of leasing, you may proffer remittance for a twelve-month period beforehand.


If thou hast elected this land as thine abode, thou must apprehend the tributary regimen. Principal sorts of levies:

  • Income Tax (IRS): Gradational levy spreads from 14.5% to 48%, hinging on annual gain.
  • Corporation Tax (IRC): The usual levy stands at 21%, yet can be upped to 35% for sizable firms.
  • Municipal property tax (IMI): The yearly levy varies from 0.3% to 0.8%, hinging on the cadastral worth of the estate.
  • Value Added Tax (IVA): The usual levy stands at 23%, yet there are favored tolls for specific wares and aids.
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax (IMI): The gradational levy of this toll spreads from 5% to 20%, hinging on the degree of kinship amid the bestower and the donee.

Other taxes:

  • Property tax (IMI): yearly proportional from 0.3% to 0.8%, contingent on the cadastral worth of the holding.
  • Vehicle Tax (ISV): a yearly toll whose proportion relies on the kind of carriage and its CO2 emanations.
  • Stamp Duty (IS): Imposed on lawful dealings such as procuring land or enrolling a corporation.

Preferential tax regimes:

  • The Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) initiative is presently sealed to fresh petitioners. Until 2023, NUR standing was granted to persons once each decennium, offering the chance to remit revenue levy at a ratio of 20%.
  • The levy system for Madeira and the Azores presents abridged rates of revenue levy and additional levies for particular undertakings and persons.

Cancellation of D7 visa in Portugal

The requisites should be taken earnestly. Here are the premises for potential nullification of a visa already acquired:

  • If thou hast not entered the realm within 4 moon-cycles subsequent to the issuance of this visa.
  • Dispensing mendacious datum: spurious intelligence in supplications or parchments and obscurantism of momentous datum.
  • Transgression of terms of abode: sojourning without the realm for more than half a dozen moon-cycles during the annum, engaging in forbidden pursuits (for instance, toiling sans license), perpetrating transgressions.
  • Forfeiture of grounds for acquiring a visa: cessation of unearned revenue and alteration of theological convictions (for ecclesiastics).
  • Ramifications: D7 visa abrogation, prohibition of ingress for a specific spell (up to 2 years) and potential pecuniary penalties.

To procure a permit, candidates must satisfy stringent standards. One must validate the existence of steadfast dormant revenue. This revenue may stem from sundry origins, such as: private enterprise, telecommuting, self-employment, annuity, emoluments, reserves, stock dividends, yield on deposits and so forth. It ought to be remarked that the permit does not entail labor activity within the nation. Nevertheless, it possesses a plethora of other noteworthy benefits.

Kindly scrutinize the prerequisites for acquiring and sustaining a D7 permit diligently. Assemble all documentation and furnish dependable data, adhere to the time limits and regulations for abiding within the domain. If there arises a modification in circumstances impacting your status (for instance, diminution of revenue), promptly notify your regional migration authorities.

YB CASE will help you get a D7 visa

YB CASE specializes in migration jurisprudence. We will aid you in securing a visa and subsequently a habitation license. We will conduct a preliminary evaluation of your circumstance to ascertain your prospects. Let's ponder the variables impacting the triumph of securing a visa. We will assist you in assembling all the requisite testimonials to lodge your entreaty. Subsequently, we will tender your entreaty to the Portuguese Immigration Bureau. We will furnish you with juridical counsel on all matters concerning acquiring a D7 visa. Reach out to us at your convenience.

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