A trademark registration

A trademark is an easily recognizable sign, design or phrase, that identifies products or services of one manufacturer from others. A trademark registration is required so, that the consumer clearly understands, that the service or product comes from a particular manufacturer.

A trademark owner can be an individual, a company or any other legal entity. A trademark can be placed on packaging, labels, receipts or directly on the product itself.

Main advantages of registering TM

A main advantage of trademark registration is the legal protection of the brand. The system, by which trademarks are registered, is designed in such a way, that it protects any signs, that can be represented graphically. Today, such trademarks can also be registered: slogans, figures, signs, sounds and even holograms. A legal protection of TM ensures the impossibility of unauthorized use of TM and, accordingly, the receipt of benefits, that involves activities under a certain brand.

It is also worth noting, that any intellectual property is the foundation of a successful business. Companies, that have extensive intellectual property rights, will always succeed and grow. At the same time, the lack of access to intellectual property causes a stagnation of business development, its degradation and, ultimately, disappearance.

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Therefore, it is so important to take care of acquiring, renting or creating any intangible intellectual property, that will be the key to the progress and continued existence of the company.

How to register a trademark?

Rights in relation to a trademark can be established by the actual use of TM in the market or by registration of a trademark. In some jurisdictions, trademark rights may be established in one or both of following ways. An international registration of TM is carried out according to certain rules, for example, according to the Madrid system.

YB Case specialists are competent in the subject of the article, are ready to provide detailed advice at all stages of TM registration, as well as provide legal assistance in protecting rights to TM.

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