An international dispute resolution

If you are touched by problems, that cannot be resolved without going to court, YB Case experts provide professional assistance in risk analysis and in finding constructive solutions for the peaceful resolution of a dispute. Our advisors focus on maintaining partnerships between conflicting parties, as well as ensuring that each of the parties benefits from international dispute resolution. Using rich experience and comprehensive knowledge, specialists of our company will hold qualified advice on protecting the interests of clients in arbitration courts, provide legal support in resolving commercial disputes in European countries in an alternative way. Our team will carefully study the procedures for the enforcement of foreign judicial/arbitral awards, and you will receive assistance in foreign legal proceedings.

If you are interested in the pre-trial settlement of a business dispute, we will provide our services in achieving this goal. Our experts regularly work as advisors in resolving international arbitration disputes.

Our team has many years of experience in resolving commercial disputes, international arbitration, as well as alternative dispute resolution.

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