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Registering a ship or yacht is a process, that requires the attention and a proper preparation. The first thing to do to register a ship or yacht in any jurisdiction is to choose the“appropriate” flag for your ship.

Key factors to consider:

  • a choice of jurisdiction;
  • registration terms;
  • the cost of maintaining a yacht in a particular jurisdiction;
  • the possibility and cost of using ships for commercial operations.
  • If you plan to register a yacht or ship, please note, that there are such types of flags:
  • “Closed” flags (there are strict requirements for the residence of the owner);
  • “Open” flags (no residency requirements).

Specialists, also, highlight so-called “convenient” flags, which can combine the whole range of advantages (both relatively quick registration terms, a low cost of maintenance, and the possibility of unhindered use of the ship for commercial purposes). An additional “bonus” of such jurisdictions may, also, be a high level of confidentiality.

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To successfully register a ship/yacht, you should use the full range of professional support services, provided by YB Case team. Experienced specialists will provide qualified advice on the selection of the most suitable jurisdiction for the registration of ships/yachts and will provide the necessary assistance in the process of obtaining permits for ships/yachts.

The list of our services:

  • Personal advice on all the benefits of your chosen jurisdiction;
  • Qualified assistance in preparing the necessary documentation;
  • Translation and approval of documentation;
  • Assistance in obtaining a certificate of registration or navigation patent;
  • Qualified support in obtaining a license to use radio communications;
  • Professional support in the registration of yachts in the State Register (and others) in accordance with the requirements of the law;
  • Advice of a competent expert on the requirements of the maritime law.

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