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Obtaining a License for Cryptocurrency Activities in Gibraltar

Obtaining a License for Cryptocurrency Activities in Gibraltar

Obtaining a License for Cryptocurrency Activities in Gibraltar

Gibraltar offers an alluring ecosystem for fostering business growth in this domain. However, securing a cryptocurrency license necessitates meticulous groundwork, meticulous adherence to legal requisites, and the provision of pertinent documentation. In this paper, we provide the general overview of steps and prerequisites involved in acquiring a cryptocurrency license in Gibraltar. We will also examine the role of regulatory authority and the taxation system in this process.

Preparing for the Gibraltar Crypto License Application:

  1. Select the legal form of the company that best suits your needs
    1. Joint-Stock Company
    2. Limited Liability Company
  2. Register the company in Gibraltar by following the stipulated procedures, which encompass document submission and payment of the registration fee.
  3. Establishing Physical Presence: Individuals aspiring to establish a Cryptocurrency Fund in Gibraltar must establish a physical office presence in Gibraltar, which could be either owned or rented.
  4. Crafting an Elaborate Business Plan which is an integral part of the Gibraltar Cryptocurrency License application. This plan must include:
    1. company's strategy,
    2. objectives,
    3. planned cryptocurrency services,
    4. strategic marketing approaches,
    5. detailed financial blueprint elucidating projected income,
    6. expenses over a specific duration,
    7. adherence measures to Gibraltar regulatory mandates such as anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing.

This business plan is submitted to the Gibraltar regulatory authority for cryptocurrency licensing. It should boast a well-structured format, encompassing all requisite information and showcasing a profound comprehension of the market, the competitive landscape, and the company's strategic trajectory. Furnishing up-to-date, reliable data along with supplemental documents, when requested by regulators, is paramount.

Adequate preparation and provision of essential documents and information during the preparatory phase significantly underpin a successful endeavor in securing a cryptocurrency license in Gibraltar.

Requisite Document Set for Gibraltar License Attainment:

  • Cryptocurrency Licensing Application: The company must duly complete a formalized license application in Gibraltar, adhering to the prescribed format. This application must encompass all pertinent business and operational information, aligning with Gibraltar's regulatory mandates.
  • A Comprehensive Business Plan: For entities seeking to establish a cryptocurrency exchange in Gibraltar, elucidating the range of crypto services offered, a robust marketing strategy, anticipated financial outcomes, and alignment with regulatory guidelines set forth by Gibraltar authorities are essential. A detailed business plan outlining every operational facet must be presented.
  • Financial Statements: The submission of annual financial statements that demonstrate the company's financial stability is mandatory. This encompasses annual financial statements, balance sheets, income and expenditure reports, audit appraisals, and supplementary documents affirming the company's fiscal standing.
  • Documentary Confirmation of Legal Standing: To embark on cryptocurrency exchange endeavors in Gibraltar, reproductions of statutory documents and registration certificates are prerequisites. These documents validate the legal standing and legitimacy of the company.
  • Identity Validation Documents: The provision of documents validating the identity and standing of each member of the company's management is requisite. This encompasses passports, identification cards, CVs, references, and supplementary documents attesting to the qualifications and integrity of the management team.

Submission of the complete dossier of requisite documents constitutes an indispensable segment of the cryptocurrency license acquisition process.

Regulatory Authority for Cryptocurrency Companies in Gibraltar:

In Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) presides as the governing body tasked with regulating and overseeing crypto enterprises. The GFSC holds sway over license issuance, regulatory compliance enforcement, and supervision of the cryptocurrency sector.

Key GFSC Functions in Relation to Cryptocurrency Enterprises:

  • Licensing includes scrutinizing conformity with licensure prerequisites and subsequently adjudicating license bestowal.
  • Oversight and administration, including continuous monitoring of activities conducted by licensed entities involved in virtual currencies, rest within the purview of the GFSC. They uphold compliance with regulatory mandates pertaining to cryptocurrency transactions and conduct audits to ascertain adherence.
  • Crafting and upholding regulations to ensure congruence with contemporary trends and global benchmarks.
  • Safeguarding user and investor interests concerning cryptocurrency services to preempt fraud, ensure transparency, and uphold user data privacy.

The GFSC's role is pivotal in engendering a trustworthy, transparent environment for cryptocurrency enterprises in Gibraltar. This, in turn, bolsters industry growth and augments confidence in cryptocurrency services.

Taxation in Gibraltar:

The corporate tax for crypto companies based in Gibraltar is 12.5% on profits.

It is important:

  • Gibraltar Cryptocurrency Business Tax Benefits provide tax deductions for the purchase of equipment.
  • The purchase of real estate, such as office space, is subject to stamp duty. Stamp duty rates range from 0% to 5.5%, depending on the valuation of the property.
  • There is no capital gains tax or value-added tax, which means that cryptocurrency activities remain protected from additional taxation.
The specific benefits and tax conditions for cryptocurrency companies in Gibraltar depend on the status of the company, its size, nature of activity, and other factors.


Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Gibraltar is becoming a key and mandatory step for the crypto business. This event requires careful preparation for the application, the submission of the necessary documents, and strict compliance with the regulatory requirements regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Authority.

The path to obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Gibraltar entails significant time frames, depending on variables. To better navigate the local and international requirements for starting a crypto business in Gibraltar, be sure to consult legal and tax experts. YB Case specialists will provide the necessary support for launching a crypto startup in Gibraltar.
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