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Company registration in England

Company registration in England

England is the largest administrative unit of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Here lives an actually 85% of the all UK population. The leading sectors of the England's economy are: industrial production, agriculture, sports and advertising industry, high technology industry, communication services tourism and publishing.

The capital and largest city is London. The official currency – GBP. Climate – temperate maritime. Registering a company in England will be an excellent opportunity to open a profitable international business in one of the world's richest countries with a highly developed economy.

Business pros of jurisdiction

If you would like to set up a company in England we recommend you to look at these key advantages of the jurisdiction:

  • Favorable investment climate;
  • Simple conditions for obtaining a business visa;
  • Broad startup opportunities, as well as medium and large business development.

Also, for those who want to register a company in England remotely we propose to choose of the following business areas: oil and gas industry, power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries, machinery, IT-technologies.

The most popular legal forms

Among all business entity types existing in UK, the most popular for England are Limited Company (Ltd) and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Both legal forms characterized by easy and fast procedure of registration as well as comfortable management conditions.

If you are interested in registering a Limited Company in England, so you should carefully consider the main Regulator`s requirements, such as:

  • Unique company name (without words Royal, National, Imperial and the like);
  • Share capital – minimum 1 GBP;
  • Minimum 1 director and shareholder.

Entrepreneurs, which are intend to set up an LLP in England should abide by following Regulator`s conditions:

  • Unique company name (with abbreviation LLP);
  • Minimum 2 partners and 1 manager;
  • Signing of the Partnership Agreement;
  • Authorized capital – no requirements;
  • Public register should disclose a part of information about partners.

Also, both business entity types have common requirements, such as:

  • Local registered office is required.
  • It is allowed to have corporate directors and shareholders;
  • There is no requirements for statutory audit;
  • Both LLP and Ltd should submit an annual financial report;
  • Public register of beneficiaries is required.

Tax rates

If you plan to register a company in England, so it will be necessary to know the conditions of taxation regime in the jurisdiction. Resident companies are subject to following taxes:

  • Corporate tax – 19% (for LLP – 0%);
  • VAT – 20%;
  • WHT on payments of interest and royalties – 20%.

There is no WHT on dividends and no foreign-exchange controls.

How to register your business in England

Setting up a company in England will take about 7 days. YB Case lawyers are ready to provide you with a wide range of professional services, such as: extensive business analysis of preferred jurisdiction, corporate account opening in UK bank, license obtaining and prompt processing of documents.

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