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Registering a company in Austria


Austria is a highly developed country and a member of the European Union. Through a presence of economic advantages and at the same time a loyal taxation system registering a company in Austria is an attractive option.

The company registration begins with the choice of the legal form. There are 5 main business entity types: OEG, KEG, AG, GmbH and Einzelunternehmer. The first 2 forms do not have requirements for minimum share capital, whereas for AG and GmbH there are requirements – 70 thousand EUR and therefore 35 thousand EUR.

After the opening of a company in Austria, it is possible to conduct legally permitted activities both within and outside the jurisdiction. The tax is uniform for all enterprises – 24%. Income tax is 34% and VAT is 20%.

If you are interested in setting up a company in Austria, our experts will do everything possible to implement your plans. Please, contact us by using any feedback form.

Registration requirements

In order to register an Austrian company, please consider the following:

  • Residents and non-residents can open a corporate account in an Austrian bank in any currency;
  • Mandatory meetings are required (once a year);
  • There are no restrictions on the place of meetings – it can be hold even by phone;
  • Annual reports are required;
  • Company information must be available;
  • There is a public registry of shareholders;
  • If you have a nominee service, then the identification of a real owner may be difficult;
  • The name of the company should end with the specification of a legal form of the company (AG, GmbH, etc.).

Preparation of documents

Those, who are intended to set up a company in Austria need to provide us with the following documents and information:

  • Notarized passport copies of all founders;
  • Сonfirmation of the residential address;
  • List of Proposed Company Names;
  • List of company activities;
  • Sources of funds.

YB Case specialists will provide you with a full range of advisory and legal support services relating to: registering an Austrian company, opening an account in an Austrian bank, obtaining a business license and more.

If you have questions, please refer to our experts, using the contacts listed on the site.

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