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Company registration in Bahrain

Company registration in Bahrain
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Bahrain (the full name of the Kingdom of Bahrain) is a country, that is Arab state. An interesting and strategically important point: the presence of an automobile connection in the form of a bridge with Saudi Arabia. The capital and largest city is Manama. A currency is Bahrain dinar. An official language is Arabic. The government has a positive attitude towards foreign investors, which they consider Bahrain to be an excellent alternative to the UAE. That is why many of our customers want to register a company in Bahrain or to open a corporate account in Bahrain.

Pros of this business jurisdiction

  • It is easy to extract funds from regional subsidiaries in the form of dividends and royalties.
  • Compared to the UAE it has a low-cost real estate and labor.
  • A legal tax reduction.
  • A direct path and connection with Saudi Arabia.
  • A developed infrastructure.
  • The presence of a large oil and gas field, discovered in 2018.
  • A company may be wholly non-resident.
  • The process of registering business in the Kingdom of Bahrain is simpler, than in other Arab jurisdictions.
  • Free zones in Bahrain (we can say, that Bahrain is one big Free Zone).

The main forms of business in Bahrain:

  • A Limited Liability Company;
  • A Joint Stock Company (Bahrain Shareholding Company);
  • A Personal company (Single person company);

What does it take to set up a company in Bahrain?

If you are interested in registering a firm in Bahrain, then YB Case specialists will provide you with professional advice and support services at all stages of business registration abroad.

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LLC requirements to consider

  • A manager, who is not a partner and will perform management: at least 1.
  • There are no requirements for the Board of Directors (up to 10 members).
  • Shareholders: not less than 2, but not more than 50.
  • Minimum capital is 20 thousand Bahrain dinars (approximately 53,000 US dollars).
  • A capital is divided into equal parts.
  • Entrepreneurs will be able to register a commercial firm in Bahrain, when the parts are distributed among partners.
  • A real office space in Bahrain.
  • To ensure that income is not taxed, activities must be carried out outside the country (except for licensed activities).
  • The name must contain the words: Company with limited liability.
  • Without an appropriate license, you cannot start banking and insurance activities in Bahrain.
  • A registration term from 30 days.

Previously, in order to register A COMPANY in Bahrain, you will need:

  • Documents of beneficiaries, directors, shareholders, that will confirm the identity of each.
  • A business plan.

How to start a business in Bahrain?

To register a partnership in Bahrain or to set up a company in Bahrain, please call YB Case experts at the specified contacts on the website. We can provide you with support services in opening a business abroad as soon as possible, and also we will take into account all your goals, opportunities and priorities.

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