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Company registration in Dominica


The Commonwealth of Dominica (formerly a colony of Great Britain) is an independent state located on the island of Dominica. The government is interested in attracting foreign investment and creates all the conditions for doing business. Those, who wish to register a company in Dominica can quickly and efficiently set up an enterprise in the Commonwealth of Dominica by ordering legal advice from experts of our company.

Benefits of registering a company in Dominica

  • A comfortable taxation.
  • It is allowed to conduct any activity, that is prescribed by law.
  • Bearer shares are permitted.
  • Meetings of shareholders and directors are allowed to be held in any country.
  • You can register a trust in Dominica.

What is needed to open A COMPANY company in Dominica:

  • At least 1 director;
  • At least 1 shareholder;
  • A share capital. There are no requirements for the size of the share capital;
  • A registered office, where all documentation will be stored;
  • A certified local agent;
  • A properly prepared and executed set of documents in order to register a company in Dominica.

To avoid any nuances in the registration of a business abroad, use legal support services of experienced experts of our company. We will provide legal support in opening a commercial firm in Dominica remotely. Also our professional team simplify the registration process for you as much as possible, since we have a real experience and established contacts in this and other countries.

What time does it take to establish a company in Dominica remotely?

It takes a period of 1 week (a registration 1-2 days, a delivery of documents 3-5 days, etc.).

Among the necessary certificates and documents must be:

  • The identity card of the owner (for an individual).
  • A confirmation of the place of residence of the owner (for individuals).
  • A set of registration documents (for legal entities).
  • Copies of passports of individuals, that are in the structure of the company (for legal entities).

How quickly to set up a company in Dominica?

Contact our specialists and ask for professional legal assistance at all stages of registration. We will provide legal support in preparing documents, choosing the correct name and becoming a business owner in a short time.

So, do you want to register a firm in Dominica, or maybe you are looking for how to set up a company in Dominican Republic, a country with a similar name? We know how to help you. To receive legal advice about entrepreneurial business abroad (advantages, pitfalls, nuances of how to open an account in Dominica) you can at the contacts indicated on the site.

Please, check with our specialists for possible solutions for your business.

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