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Company registration in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Registering a company in the Dominican Republic is a quick and an easy process. The territorial location of the state (the eastern part of the island of Haiti in the Caribbean) provides the access to new markets, so both startups and experienced entrepreneurs decide to register a company in the Dominican Republic.

Benefits of registering a business in the Dominican Republic

Among the main advantages of jurisdiction are:

  • the opportunity to get tax exemption;
  • dividends, interest and capital gains are not taxed;
  • suitable for various types of activities (including those, who want to register an IT company in the Dominican Republic);
  • a positive attitude of the country's authorities towards foreign investors;
  • free business zones (about 60);
  • there are opportunities to quickly arrange a business. Employees of our company have established contacts in this jurisdiction, we will provide you with legal support on how to set up a firm in Dominican Republic quickly.

Disadvantages of registering a business in the Dominican Republic

The main disadvantage is high taxes, if you make a profit in the territory of the Dominican Republic, you will have to pay rather high tax rates (in total this is about 40%). That is why, many entrepreneurs want to make a profit outside the country.а

What you need to set up a business in the Dominican Republic

In addition to preparing the necessary documents, the selection of the company’s name is an important step in the registration of a business in this country. You need to choose a name, so it does not coincide with the already created companies in the Dominican Republic. This is followed by payment of registration taxes, a registration with the Chamber of Commerce and other nuances of the registration. In addition, if you decide to register an enterprise in the Dominican Republic, you must provide the following information:

  • Data on shareholders.
  • The structure of the company.
  • The business plan of the company.
  • Types of shares.
  • A registered capital.
  • A number of directors is at least 1.
  • A number of shareholders is minimum 2.

No accounting or audit requirements. This greatly facilitates the conduct of business. In order to register an LLC in the Dominican Republic, a registered capital of €2,300 is required.

Important points

Sometimes confusion arises between two jurisdictions due to similar names. Be sure to keep in mind, that registering a company in Dominican Republic and registering a company in Dominica are two different processes in two different countries. The employees of our company will definitely clarify this nuance during legal advice with client. And we will also provide you with legal support in arranging a business in any of the countries.

How to register A COMPANY in the Dominican Republic

In order to correctly, quickly, efficiently register a company in the Dominican Republic, you need to follow all the rules and formalities in this state, and prepare the necessary package of documents.

We will provide legal adviсe on how to solve the problem as soon as possible. Want to become a business owner in the Dominican Republic or to open an account in the Dominican Republic? - Then call us at the contacts indicated on the site.

Please, check with our specialists for possible solutions for your business.

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