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Company registration in Fiji


Want to register a company in Fiji? Such an opportunity exists. Our company provides support in registering business in various jurisdictions around the world.

Fiji (full name Fiji Republic) geographically located on the eponymous archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. The capital is Suva. A state language is English. A currency is Fiji Dollar. Nearest neighboring states are: New Zealand and Vanuatu. The most developed areas are: the agriculture, a forestry, a fishing, a gold mining and the exporting, a tourism, a food industry, etc.

To set up companies in Fiji: legal forms

The most popular form of business among foreign entrepreneurs is Limited Liability Companies analogue LLC. You can engage in any activity, that is not prohibited by laws. Insurance and banking services require a license.

If you want to register a company in Fiji, then our experts will assist you in preparing a list of the necessary documents. It will take 2 days to open a company in Fiji.


  • The company must have a name, that will be different from existing ones. It is imperative to include in the name the words: S.A.R.L., Corp, Ltd, Inc and the like.
  • You must provide the address of the company office to which a correspondence will come.
  • There are no requirements for the authorized capital of the company.
  • If the estimated capital for the registration of a company in Fiji is$5,000, it should be divided into shares (each share is equal to $1).
  • A number of shareholders is 2 (in the case of a private company) or 7 (for a public company). There can be both legal entities or individuals.
  • A number of directors is 2 (in the case of a private company) or 3 (for a public company). There can be both legal entities or individuals.
  • Among the founders of the company should be residents of Fiji.
  • A secretary must be a local resident.
  • No requirements for the venue of meetings of shareholders and directors.
  • A reporting is required. A shelf life at your local office is 7 years.

What documents are needed to open a company in Fiji?

  • Beneficiary's personal documents;
  • A description of the business;
  • A Charter.

A taxation

Companies operating outside the jurisdiction are exempt from taxes.

How to set up a firm in Fiji?

Want to start a business in Fiji? - contact us, using the contacts posted on our website.

We will take care of all organizational issues and assist you in setting up a company abroad quickly and efficiently.

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