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Company registration in Fujairah (UAE)

Company registration in Fujairah (UAE)

Investor-friendly legislation and taxation are the two main reasons why foreign businessmen decide to open a business in the Emirates. The country has several free economic zones, and if you decide to register a company in the UAE or open a bank account in the Emirates, you are strongly advised to do it in one of them.

We recommend registering a company in Fujairah. One of the main reasons for opening a business in Fujairah is that there is no requirement for minimum authorized capital and audit of all registered enterprises. If you are still undecided which FZ to choose, you can contact YB Case experts and they will be happy to help you make the right choice.

If you decide to register a company in the Emirates, you should keep in mind that Fujairah is one of the few free economic zones in the Emirates that issue financial/investment licenses.

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You can also register a company in Fujairah by opening a virtual office. Alternatively, you can remotely open a company in Fujairah by contacting our experts.

Even though it is located some 150 km from Dubai, Fujairah has 18 banking institutions. Therefore, if you have obtained a license in the Fujairah Free Zone, you can open a bank account in Fujairah with any local bank.

If you decide to open a company in Fujairah, you will be able to get funding for projects from the local banks. Please note that the banks in Fujairah can provide funding for projects at initial and advanced stages.

You can open a business in Fujairah in one of the two free zones:

  • Fujairah Free Economic Zone - FFE
  • Fujairah Creative City - FCC

To register a company in Fujairah, you will need to submit an application and constituent documents to the local regulators. Once you have paid a registration fee, your company is considered licensed. Normally, registration takes several business days.

Need to register a company in Fujairah FZ? Please consider contacting YB Case. Our experts will be happy to provide you with professional advice on company registration in Fujairah.

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