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Hungary returns the possibility of obtaining a “golden visa” for 10 years

Hungary returns the possibility of obtaining a “golden visa” for 10 years
Hungary, long recognized as one of the most hospitable European destinations for international investors, has reaffirmed its reputation by announcing the resumption of the unique "golden visa" program. This decisive action marks a new chapter for the business community seeking avenues for global mobility and robust investment opportunities in the heart of Europe. The introduction of an enhanced "guest investment residency scheme" represents a strategic move that promises to strengthen economic ties and attract capital, particularly crucial in the current unstable global economic climate.

Description of the Golden Visa Program

The opening of the "golden visa" program in Hungary presents a wonderful opportunity for international investors seeking residency in a country with a developed economy and rich culture. The Hungarian investment residency program offers unique benefits for investors and their families, facilitating the process of obtaining long-term residence in Europe.

The primary condition for participating in the program is making an investment in Hungary's economy. Investors must inject substantial funds into government bonds or other government-approved investment projects. This not only contributes to Hungary's economic development but also grants investors and their families permanent resident status.

Investing prerequisites for the Golden Visa

  1. Capital deployment Type: Investors are required to allocate funds into government bonds or other projects approved by the authorities.
  2. Minimum Investment Amount: To participate in the program, a substantial investment is necessary. According to the government's draft law on the official website of Hungary, obtaining a 10-year residence permit can be done through investments in local real estate funds starting from €250,000.
  3. Investment Period: The investments must be made for a specified period, usually spanning several years, in accordance with the program's terms and conditions.

Benefits for investors and their families

  1. Long-Term Residency Entitlement: The Hungarian "golden visa" extends the privilege of long-term residence to investors and their family members, unlocking opportunities to access top-tier educational and medical institutions, as well as immersing themselves in the country's unique cultural and historical heritage.
  2. Business Prospects: Hungary, strategically positioned at the heart of Europe, boasts a compelling business landscape propelled by a robust economy and favorable tax policies. Investors can strategically utilize their resident status to cultivate enterprises not only within Hungary but also across the wider European landscape.
  3. Unrestricted Mobility: Securing residency in Hungary translates to unimpeded movement within the Schengen Zone, offering substantial advantages for both professional and personal travel endeavors.
  4. Streamlined and Transparent Procedures: The Hungarian program distinguishes itself through its straightforward and transparent application process, minimizing bureaucratic complexities and expediting the acquisition of residency.
  5. Sustainable Vision: Investors who secure residency in Hungary can contemplate a pathway to citizenship through naturalization after a defined period of residence, further amplifying their privileges and possibilities for the future.

The Hungarian "golden visa" program offers rich opportunities for investors seeking security, stability, and prosperity for their families. With its flexible investment requirements, a fast residency acquisition process, and access to numerous business opportunities in the heart of Europe, this program is an attractive option for investors from around the world.

Expert comments

The refreshed Hungarian "golden visa" program has garnered significant interest among experts in real estate, investments, and immigration. Leading professionals in these sectors have provided their opinions and analyses based on years of experience and in-depth market knowledge.

Real estate market experts assert that the revival of Hungary's "golden visa" program has an immediate impact on the market. It is anticipated to lead to increased demand for residential and commercial properties, especially in prestigious areas of Budapest and resort zones in the country. In the long term, this may contribute to the appreciation of property values and strengthening the investment potential of the sector.

Investment bankers emphasize that Hungary's offering stimulates Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), particularly in times when global economies are seeking certainty and stability. Investment deposits ranging from €250,000 to €1,000,000 open doors for serious players that could lead to a substantial influx of capital, especially into high-tech and educational projects.

Immigration agents emphasize that the updated regulations of the program position Hungary as one of the most enticing destinations for investors in search of stability and entry into the European Union. They observe that the streamlined residency application process and the elimination of residency prerequisites contribute significantly to heightened interest in the program. This is likely to result in an increased influx of immigration inquiries, particularly for business endeavors and educational purposes.

Enrollment Procedure

The "golden visa" initiative in Hungary grants an appealing route for international investors seeking residency in the country. The program's efficacy is rooted in its straightforward and transparent procedures. Here, we provide a comprehensive overview of the application process and the criteria for sustaining resident status, aiding both business communities and individual investors in comprehending and navigating through each phase successfully.

  1. Preparation of Required Documents: The first step involves preparing all necessary documents. This includes passports, financial proof, certificates of no criminal record, and other documents required by Hungarian authorities.
  2. Selection of Investment Plan: The depositor should select the type of investment that aligns with the program's requirements. This could involve investing in government bonds or government-approved projects.
  3. Submission of Application: The application for the "golden visa" is submitted through an accredited agent or directly at the Hungarian consulate or embassy. The application must be accompanied by all necessary documents.
  4. Verification and Approval: After submitting the application, a verification process follows. Hungarian authorities review the submitted documents and conduct necessary checks. Upon successful verification, the investor receives a notification of approval.
  5. Completion of Investment: After approval, the investor must complete the approved investment according to the program's conditions.
  6. Acquiring Residency Status: After the investment is verified, the investor and their family attain residency status in Hungary.

Criteria for sustaining resident status

  1. Maintaining the Investment: The investor is obligated to sustain the investment for a specified period, which is a key demand for maintaining residential status.
  2. Regular Visits to Hungary: To uphold resident status, regular visits to Hungary are necessary. This demonstrates a connection to the country and an intention to use it as a place of residence.
  3. Compliance with Hungarian Laws and Rules: Adhering to all local laws and regulations is also critically important for maintaining resident status. This includes tax obligations and other legal requirements.
  4. Updating Documents: Residents must update their documents, including residence permits, in accordance with legislation.


This initiative both gives an opportunity to belong to one of the culturally affluent and economically advanced nations in Europe and delivers exclusive advantages, such as entry to the European market, high-quality education and healthcare, and unrestricted travel within the Schengen Zone.

The program's investment criteria, coupled with a streamlined application process and transparent guidelines for upholding resident status, present an appealing proposition for individuals in search of dependability and stability in their investments and future endeavors. Hungary, strategically positioned in Europe, unfolds distinctive business prospects fostered by a resilient economy and a conducive investment landscape.

For interested parties looking to learn more about Hungary's "golden visa" program or initiate the participation process, you can seek consultation from our specialists. Contact us by email or phone, and we'll assist you in the process of obtaining the "golden visa" in Hungary.
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