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Registering a company in Guyana

Registering a company in Guyana

In recent years, the government of Gayana has modernized the country's financial system to attract more foreign investors. So, if you are planning to register a company in South America, this country may be a good starting point.

Standards and Requirements

Those seeking to register a Limited Liability Company (PLLC) in Guyana should keep in mind that:

  • setting up a PLLC in Guyana requires having at least one director and two shareholders,
  • shareholders and directors can be non-residents;
  • no minimum share capital is required;
  • financial statements must be submitted annually;
  • having a registered agent is required;
  • conducting an annual audit is required;
  • having a local registered office and address are required;
  • summoning a general annual meeting of shareholders is required.

Documents Required for Company Registration in Guyana

To establish a company in Guyana, one must submit the following documents:

an order form (fully completed and signed) containing the following information:

  • company name;
  • type of business activity;
  • information about beneficiaries;
  • notarized copy of a foreign passport;
  • confirmation of beneficiaries’ addresses.

Confirmation can be:

  • bank reference;
  • translation of the local passport, certified by a notary;
  • any other document certified in English and proving identity/registered address.

Company Name

Before registering a PLLC in Guyana, you need to choose a unique name for a company. The readability and memorability of your business name is also important.

Obtaining a business license in Guyana

For a business to be legal, it must obtain a license in Guyana. Please note that our company can provide you with assistance in the establishment of a company in Guyana. For more information, please contact us in any way convenient for you.


If you are interested in opening a company in Guyana, you should keep in mind that the corporate tax rate in this jurisdiction is 40%. Please keep in mind that the income tax for non-profit companies pay is 27,5%.

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