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Company registration in Jordan


Jordan (The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) is an industrial Arab country. Exporting products from Jordan is cheaper, than from neighboring countries. In this regard, registering a company in Jordan may be a good solution for foreign investors.

We draw your attention to the fact, that due to the impressive network of free trade agreements with Jordan, entrepreneurs, establishing a productive business in Jordan, will be allowed to re-export most of their products without customs duties to:

  • USA;
  • Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf countries;
  • Turkey;
  • EU;
  • Australia;
  • Singapore.

In the business sector, a country is quite advanced: it is the center of startup projects. Startups are actively attracting foreign capital. Jordanian companies can also do business in virtually all Gulf countries directly, without the need to register a representative office or subsidiary.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

To register an LLC in Jordan, one shareholder (a founder) is required, a residency does not matter. It is required to obtain permission from the Register of companies.

Non-residents must contribute 70,000 USD to the share capital. Jordanian law restricts certain areas of activity for non-residents of the Kingdom. A share of a foreign investor should not exceed 50% of the company’s capital, therefore it is necessary to sign an agreement on a joint venture with a Jordanian partner.

To register an LLC in Jordan, you need to open a commercial account with a Jordanian bank, to register an office. Mandatory submission of audit, financial and tax reports.

Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC)

To set up the OJSC in Jordan, at least one shareholder (a founder) with a minimum authorized capital of 100,000 USD is required.

A foreign investor must sign a joint venture agreement with a Jordanian partner. His property should not exceed 50% of the capital of the enterprise.

Such companies must submit annual audit, financial and tax reports. There are no restrictions on the acquisition of real estate in Jordan, the acquisition of shares of other Jordanian companies is allowed.

A taxation in Jordan

Foreign investors, wishing to establish a business in Jordan, need to pay attention to the following taxes:

  • A basic income tax rate is 14%;
  • A tax rate for FZC is 5%;
  • Dividend /interest taxes are 10%;
  • VAT is 10-20% (0% rate is also acceptable).

Legal aid

To get answers to your questions, you should order legal advice on registering a company in Jordan. To do this, you must calling YB Caseexperts, using contacts, listed on the site.

Our experts will provide you with legal advice on opening a corporate account with a Jordanian bank, obtaining a business license in Jordan, or registering a Jordanian company remotely.

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