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Company registration  in Cambodia


Recently more often clients, who want to register a company in Cambodia, are turning to us. The minimum of bureaucracy, comfortable taxation, a positive attitude of the authorities towards foreign investors are undoubted advantages of this state.

If you are also interested in registering a company in Cambodia, then our experts will provide legal advice and legal support services at each stage of registration process in Cambodia.


  • Cambodia (full name Kingdom of Cambodia) is a state in Southeast Asia.
  • Capital: Phnom Penh.
  • Neighboring countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos.
  • Official language: Khmer.
  • Currency: riel.

The country's economy is based on tourism, clothing, export (rice, fish, forest products, rubber, tobacco) and foreign investment.

Having decided to register a company in Cambodia, you need to know the following:

  • The most popular form of business Single Member Private Limited is an analogue of LLC.

In order to register an LLC in Cambodia, you need to come up with the name of the company and fully prepare the documentation for registration.

Terms of a company registration is from 2 weeks.

You can open a company in Cambodia with one hundred percent foreign capital.

In order to register business in Cambodia efficiently and quickly, it is better to entrust this process to competent specialists. You can contact our company for legal advice on quickly and efficiently starting a business abroad.

Standard corporate tax in Cambodia is 20%, but there are legal ways to reduce this rate. More details know our employees.

If you want to order a service «legal support in registration of a company in Cambodia» from our specialists, you will need to provide a document, confirming identity and a detailed business plan. In addition, an authorized capital of $1,000 is required to be deposited in a local bank account.


The Kingdom of Cambodia is an amazing state. They don’t like extra papers, do not need detailed reports and declarations – that is, the bureaucracy is almost completely absent.

The banking system is well-developed – you can open a corporate account in Cambodia at any institution that will best suit your requirements. Among the advantages of local banks: the availability of high-quality Internet banking and the absence of problems with transactions, currency conversion, cash and foreign accounts.

You want to register a company in Cambodia remotely or open an account with a company in Cambodia? – Our specialists will provide legal assistance at all stages of the registration process, as well as legal advice on becoming a business owner in the USA in the shortest possible time.

Information placed in the article is relevant at the time of its publication. Please check with our specialists possible solutions for your business.
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