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Company registration in Cameroon

Company registration in Cameroon
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Cameroon is an independent state with a stable economy located in the western part of Central Africa. The neighboring countries are: CAR, Nigeria, CHAD, Gabon, Republic of Congo and Equatorial Guinea.

The port city of Douala (the economic center of the CEMAC zone) and the capital Yaounde are two largest cities of Cameroon with a population about 2.4 million people.

If you want to register a company in Cameroon, please note that of the 285 languages spoken by Cameroonians, the official languages are French (about 80% of the population) and English (about 20% of the population).

For more information, we recommend you asking for professional individual advice on a company registration process in Cameroon from YB Case experts.

Business benefits

Cameroon is considered a stable region. If you plan to set up a company in Cameroon and open an account with a bank of Cameroon, then take into account that the state is a member of:

  • The Commonwealth of Nations;
  • OIC;
  • French-speaking countries;
  • The International Cocoa Organization.

Those, who want to register a company in Cameroon remotely, should know that the country has trade relations with France and China. Numerous Chinese companies operate in Cameroon.

In the Global Competitiveness index, Cameroon ranks 116th out of 137, in the index of Economic Freedom the state ranks 150th out of 180.

Leading economic sectors

Those, who are intended to start a business in Cameroon can choose the following types of business activity:

  • Registering a mining company in Cameroon. There are large reserves of oil, bauxite, iron ore, gold and diamonds;
  • Setting up a Cameroon food and beverage company or opening a tobacco company in Cameroon (semi-finished products, alcoholic beverages, coffee, cocoa, various food products);
  • Setting up a logging company in Cameroon. Wood is one of the main export commodities. The main trading partners are China, India and France;
  • Registering a tourism company in Cameroon.

Also, it can be profitable to open a Cameroon energy company. Only about half of the population has access to electricity, 14% of the total are villages.

If you need qualified assist in the selection of the most appropriate legal form, you can receive qualified advice on a company registration procedure in Cameroon from YB Case experts.

In addition, we can provide you with professional advice on opening an account for a Cameroon company.

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Legal forms & tax treatment

If you are interested in registering a company in Cameroon and opening a corporate account with a bank of Cameroon, then we propose you to consider the following comparison table of business entity types.



Corporate tax rate




Minimum share capital




16,5% on dividends and interest payments

15% on royalties

175 USD

Free zone LLC

0% for 10 years

cannot trade in Cameroon

1 750 USD





Customs duties are levied on a three-level system (10%, 20% and 30%). Cameroon has 12 DTA agreements with African and European countries.

Most businessmen choose to set up an LLC in Cameroon or to register a Free zone LLC.

How to set up a business in Cameroon

You can register a Cameroon company remotely and open a Cameroon bank account remotely with competent assistance of YB Case specialists. We recommend you considering the following most reliable banks:

  • Société Générale Cameroun;
  • Citibank;
  • Standard Chartered;
  • BICEC;
  • United Bank of Africa.

Also, we can provide you with qualified assistance in opening an account for a company in Cameroon and a physical office registration.

To learn more, please ask for personal advice on business organization process in Cameroon by filling out the special form.

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