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Company registration in Curacao


If you want to start a business abroad, then registering a company in Curacao is an interesting and a cost-effective option. In addition, this jurisdiction is very popular among our customers, because of the ability to quickly and easily obtain a license for gambling in Curacao (to get a license for online casino Curacao).

A brief information

  • Curacao is an island nation in the Caribbean.
  • The capital is Willemstad.
  • The currency is Netherlands Antilles Guilder.
  • A neighboring country is Venezuela.
  • Official languages are Papiamento and Dutch.
  • No currency control.

The jurisdiction is considered a developed financial center. The main sectors of the economy are: gambling, financial services, a tourism, the oil refining. Authorities have created comfortable conditions for doing business and have a positive attitude towards foreign investors.

If you want to register a company in Curacao, as well as to obtain a gambling license in Curacao remotely, our experts will provide you with legal advice on how to solve your issues quickly and efficiently.

A taxation in Curacao

If you decide to open a company in Curacao and plan to receive income from business activities outside the state, then such income will be exempt from taxes. In this case receiving a profit in the country, the company will be required to pay a tax, the rate of which ranges from 2% to 30%, and is determined individually (depending on the type of activity, the legal form of the company, etc).

  • Terms of company registration is from 14 days.
  • You can set up a company in Curacao remotely.

Types of enterprises

You can establish the enterprise in Curacao in one of the following forms:

  • NV is a private company;
  • BV is a private limited company;
  • a partnership;
  • a trust.


The name of the company must indicate the end: Ltd, Corporation, Incorporated, etc.

Leading legislative conditions, that should not be forgotten, if you decided to establish a commercial enterprise in Curacao:

  • Shareholders: at least 1 individual/legal entity.
  • Requirements for the director: at least 1 individual/legal entity, a resident of the country
  • A resident registration agent is required.
  • Shareholder meetings: 1 time per year in Curacao.
  • The notarization is required for the transfer of shares.
  • There are no requirements for the authorized capital.
  • The availability of a registered local office.

Registering a company in Curacao is necessary in order to obtain a gambling license in Curacao

Our experts know all the nuances of the registration and will provide you with legal support in preparing a set of documents for establishing a business in Curacao and with legal assistance in obtaining a license for an on online casino in Curacao. If you want to know all the details, then contact our company for the competent legal advice.

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