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Company registration in Liechtenstein


The Principality of Liechtenstein is an independent European country located between Switzerland and Austria. It is a strong state with a well-developed financial sector and a high standard of living.

It is in Liechtenstein that more than 74 thousand international concerns and foreign companies are registered. The state budget consists of taxes (the share of these organizations is about 30%), the income from stamps is 10%.

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Business advantages

If you are planning to register a company in Liechtenstein, then consider the following:

  • Stable political and economic system;
  • Low taxes;
  • Highly developed banking system;
  • Prestige of the state;
  • “Flexible” types of companies.

Company types

You have an opportunity to set up a company in Liechtenstein by choosing the following legal forms:

  1. The Establishment. This unique form of the company is presented only in Liechtenstein (can be used as a holding company). The main feature is the absence of members and shareholders. There are also no shares. The audit is subject to the commercial activities of the Establishment. The appointment of a secretary is optional. Provided that the company is engaged in investment activities the income is not taxed.
  2. The Joint-Stock Company. With this legal structure, the company is managed by minimum 1 director. Bearer shares are permitted (subject to full payment). Information about directors and shareholders is not available to third parties.
  3. The Company with limited liability (GmbH). To register this legal form, you will need least 1 director and 2 members (individual or legal entity of any nationality). Data about the participants is not available to third parties.
  4. The Fund. Liechtenstein is a country where the one of the first funds was appeared. This legal form is usually used to save and increase capital (real estate) and registering an investment fund in Liechtenstein is rather popular option among entrepreneurs. The Fund is managed by the Board (one member must be a resident of Liechtenstein) and the Founder (individual or legal entity of any nationality). Information on beneficiaries is not available to third parties.

Registration requirements

If you are interested in setting up a company in Liechtenstein, then you should meet the following conditions:

  • The share capital is 30 thousand CHF (provided there is no division into shares) and 50 thousand CHF (if the capital is divided into shares);
  • Registered address and office, which is specified in the commercial register;
  • Annual meetings can be held outside the state;
  • The resident director is mandatory;
  • In Liechtenstein, firms are exempt from paying capital tax. Income is taxed at 12.5%. Any final tax payments may be subject to sufficiently large benefits (their size can range from 5,000 to 11,000 CHF);
  • The annual filing of financial statements and audits are mandatory.

Important notes

Those, who want to open a company in Liechtenstein should know the following:

  • Positive sides: High level of data privacy. Unique and prestigious territory. There is a system of laws governing trusts. Long-term political stability and banking secrecy;
  • Negative sides: expansive process of registration and operation of the company;
  • Organization form: Anstalt;
  • Security: The PGR Code of 20 January 1926;
  • Requirements for organization names: Anstalt prefix at the end of the name;
  • The number of directors: one;
  • The number of shareholders and type of shares: no issue of shares;
  • Registration of a new company: from 14 days;
  • The share capital: 30 000 CHF;
  • Accounting: is mandatory;
  • Annual taxes and government fees: 0.1 percent of capital, at least 1 000 CHF and 800 CHF for stamp duty;
  • Data published in the Register: physical address of the organization and company representative;
  • Data not published in the Register: Board members and beneficiaries;
  • Address and company representative: are mandatory.

If you decide to register a Liechtenstein company and open a corporate bank account in Liechtenstein, then you can receive a qualified advice and support from YB Case experts.

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