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Company registration in Namibia

Company registration in Namibia
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Namibia is located in South West Africa on the Atlantic coast. It is one of the most developed countries in Africa.

Those, who are interested in registering a company in Namibia and opening a Namibian bank account, must know the following:

  • The country has a stable economy;
  • It is a member of AU, SADC and Commonwealth of Nations;
  • The state borders on Botswana, Zambia and Angola;
  • There are 9 official languages in the Namibia. The major ones are English, German and Afrikaans;
  • Namibian dollar (NAD) is an official currency.

You can order professional support services in a company registration procedure in Namibia from YB Case experts. Also, we can provide you with individual advice on opening an account for a company in Namibia.

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Popular business types

If you want to start a business in Namibia, we recommend you considering the following solutions:

  • Registering a mining company in Namibia (extraction of diamonds and uranium). Also, there are large deposits of copper, gold, lead, zinc, tin, silver, tungsten and natural gas;
  • Setting up a Namibian agricultural company (livestock);
  • Opening a bank in Namibia (well-developed banking sector with modern infrastructure);
  • Registering an export company in Namibia (precious stones and metals, seafood, ores);
  • Setting up a Namibian tourism company.

Legal forms & tax treatment

If you want to set up a company in Namibia without a personal visit and open a corporate account with a Namibian bank, then take a closer look at the following legal forms:

Tax resident LLC (Private Company);

  • Free zone LLC (EPZ company);
  • PLC (Public company);
  • Business trust (Trust);
  • Branch.

Legal form

Corporate tax



Share capital




10%-20% on dividends

10% on interest payments and royalties


Free zone LLC



50 000 USD





Business Trust








Most entrepreneurs decide to register an LLC in Namibia.

Registration procedure

If you are intended to open a company in Namibia remotely, then you must know the following:

  1. In order to set up a Namibian company, you will need to prepare the document with all the names of directors and auditors and confirmation of payment of registration fee;
  2. If you want to register a PLC in Namibia, please note that the number of participants should not exceed 10;
  3. PLC limits the financial liability of the owners of the company, so the owner’s personal assets are not at risk.

How to establish a company in Namibia

To learn more about this country, we recommend you asking for a qualified assistance on a business registration process in Namibia from our experts. Also, we can provide you with advice on opening a Namibian corporate bank account.

Terms of registration are 4 weeks.

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