Registering a company in Nevis - YB Case 2022

Company registration on Nevis in 2020

Company registration on Nevis in 2020

Registering an international business on Nevis is promising, profitable in many areas. This jurisdiction is characterized by a developed economic, confidential environment for the registering a Caribbean firm.

Deciding to open a commercial enterprise on Nevis, remember, that your company will be exempt from a local taxation. It is not required to disclose the information about the founders and other employees of the company, a government support is available. And this is not all benefits, that this jurisdiction can offer you, when registering an entrepreneurship on Nevis.

Setting up business companies on Nevis

Opening a company on Nevis is easy and simple, if you are ready to go through the registration process with YB Case professionals.

Nevis is a territory of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Establishing a commercial organization on Nevisa isgood solution for your business, as the territory opens up innumerable benefits in the financial sector and in a corporate governance.

We draw your attention to the fact, that if you decide to open a company on Nevis, then you will be exempted from income tax and currency control.

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In addition, a good court system works. For a plaintiff to sue your company, he has to pay about $30,000. Only then can the preparatory process begin.

The period of relevance of a corporate misconduct is one year. After the time has passed, it is very difficult for external forces to get assets from a company on Nevis.

If you have questions, related to a company registration on Nevis, ask for personal legal advice from YB Case experts.

Nevis offers the following benefits:

  • most taxes are not required;
  • a government support;
  • the information about owners is not subject to registration;
  • 100% confidentiality;

No matter how easy it is to set up a commercial firm on Nevis, you need to know all the nuances of this procedure. YB Case will provide you with legal assistance in the registration process. Use any form of the feedback

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