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Company registration in Niue


Niue or Savage is the smallest country in Polynesia and one of the largest coral atolls on earth. Niue is a self-governing country in partnership with New Zealand.

If you intend to set up a company in Niue and open an account with Niue banks, YB Case experts will inform customers, that the island government has opened it to foreign investors.First of all you need to register a unique name in Niue. For the first 72 hours your name is reserved for free, and after a small amount - for 1 month. You will also need to open a bank account in Niue.

If you decide to start a business in Niue, the most beneficial for foreign citizens is to register an IBC in Niue (with a limited liability). Ending must be “Limited”, “Corporation”, approved by a local Registry.

If you intend to register a commercial firm in Niue, the jurisdiction has a number of requirements for this:

  • a local office and agent (a resident of this jurisdiction);
  • 1 director (can be a sharer);
  • 1 sharer of any jurisdiction (individuals and legal entities);
  • a state register is optional;
  • bearer shares are permitted;
  • shareholders are both individuals and legal entities.

YB Case specialists note, deciding to start a business in Niue, to open a bank account in Niue, the authorized capital of enterprises, owners of joint-stock firms should be equal to 10,000 USD. There are no requirements for the currency of the capital, the min issued capital is 1 share with or without par value.

It is beneficial to register an IBC in Niue, because all profits earned outside the borders of the island are tax exempt. Once a year, registration fees are paid for enterprises and owners of local joint-stock companies (usually about 150 USD).

YB Case Help: if you decide to set up a company in Niue, you are guaranteed a high confidentiality. A general obligation to protect confidentiality, which professionals are required to apply to their customers, applies here.

A registration term is from 2 to 10 days, reports are only for the annual income

Also, YB Case specialists will assist you in preparing all necessary documents for the registration process, and provide advice on the account opening in Niue.

The information in this article is relevant at the time of posting on the site.

We advise you to check with YB Case experts for possible solutions to your questions.

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