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Company registration in Pakistan

Company registration in Pakistan

The Pakistan government has entered into a double tax treaty with 47 countries. In this regard, registering a company in Pakistan is a good idea for those, who wish to expand their business in foreign jurisdictions.

We want to note, that there are four special economic zones in the country: Karachi, Risalpur, Sialkot and Gujranvala.

Norms and requirements for registering a Pakistan enterprise

In each jurisdiction there are certain rules and requirements, that must be adhered, if you want to start international business. To register an entrepreneurial activity in Pakistan, the following steps should be taken:

  • You should have at least one shareholder and at least two directors (can be non-residents). The number of directors/shareholders for the branch is 1 (without residency requirements);
  • You should create sustainable capital. The legislation of the country does not provide for a specific amount of the minimum capital of the company. But, based on experience, we can say, that registering a company in Pakistan requires the minimum capital is approximately 100,000 PKR (~ $ 823);
  • It is mandatory to keep accounting records, annually submit financial statements and conduct audits;
  • Be sure to register an office and appoint a secretary;

It's important: Board of Investment (BOI) approval is required to register a Pakistan branch. The permit is valid from 1 year to 5 years.

Documents required to register a company in Pakistan

  • a notarized copy of the passport;
  • a confirmation of the address of residence;

Calling YB Case specialists, you can ask for advice on issues of documentation and permission to do business in Pakistan.

We also draw your attention to the fact, that the registration period is from 14 days.

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A taxation in Pakistan

When you decide to open a business in Pakistan, pay attention to the following tax rates:

  • a corporate tax is 37%;
  • VAT is 17%;
  • dividends is 15%.

To register a Pakistan Free Zone Company (EPZ)

Foreign investors planning to do business in Pakistan, but at the same time export it to foreign markets, can register a company in Pakistan FZ. Typically, the requirements for such companies include a higher amount of a minimum capital and the availability of production permits and business licenses.

To obtain business licenses in Pakistan

We draw your attention to the fact, that if you want to open business in Pakistan legally, then you need to obtain a Pakistan business license. Our specialists can help you with this question. You can receive for personal advice on obtaining a business permit in Pakistan at the contacts listed on the site.

Foreign investors, who are interested in entering new economic markets and have chosen Pakistan for this purpose, can ask for individual advice on starting a business in Pakistan from YB Case professional staff. Our experts will provide you with support services in the registration process in Pakistan, and will provide advice on how to open corporate accounts with Pakistani banks.

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