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Company registration in Samoa


An autonomous state of Samoa, is located between New Zealand and Hawaii, surrounded by the waters of the South Pacific. Samoa includes two main islands Savay, Upolu, and seven smaller islands. It is an attractive jurisdiction, that can be attractive in order to open a company in Samoa, because the state has a complete political, the economic/social stability.

The important point is that if you decide to register a firm in Samoa, then a recommended share capital should be equal to the amount of $1,000,000 (no capital is required to be paid).

In connection with the law (1987), all activities of companies are regulated by the International Companies Act. In order to register a firm in Samoa, you must have at least one founder. This founder can act as both a director and a shareholder.

You can set up a company in Samoa in such business structures as:

  • International Trust;
  • International insurance company;
  • International Unit Investment Fund;
  • International Special Purpose Company.

A meeting of directors and shareholders can be held anywhere in the world. For non-resident enterprises, whose activities take place in the territory of this jurisdiction, income tax is 27%. Samoa also exchanges tax information with several countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand (according to agreements concluded between these jurisdictions, which mainly relate to criminal matters). The implementation of these agreements by enterprises is governed by the Tax Information Exchange Act (2012). Having decided to start an entrepreneurship in Samoa, you need to obtain a business license in Samoa, which is updated annually. Annual reports are required for registered foreign companies, copies of financial statements are not required to be submitted to the Samoa Companies Register.

If you decide to open an enterprise in Samoa, competent YB Case experts will provide you with support services in licensing activities in Samoa.

If you decide to open an enterprise in Samoa, competent YB Case experts will provide you with support services at any time convenient for you.

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