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Company registration in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an attractive jurisdiction for entrepreneurs looking for new ways to optimize their business. You can register a company in Saint Lucia and not pay a corporate tax, if you conduct business and earn an income outside the state.

Saint Lucia (sometimes the wording of the name “Santa Lucia” can be found) is an island state. Geographically located between Saint Vincent and Martinique. English is an official language. A currency is East Caribbean Dollar. The capital is Castries.

A tourism is one of the main sources of the profit for the country. There are diplomatic relations between Russia and Saint Lucia. In order to visit the country, citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa. If you want to register a company in Saint Lucia or to open a bank account in Saint Lucia, we will provide you with legal advice on how quickly and efficiently solve these issues.

What you need to establish a company in Saint Lucia?

  • The most common type of company is IBC in Saint Lucia.
  • The number of directors is at least 1.
  • Requirements for the residency of the director are absent.
  • A shareholder is at least 1.
  • A secretary is not required.
  • The reporting is not required.
  • The audit is not required.
  • The name of the company should be: Limited, Ltd, etc.
  • The standard registered capital is $50,000.
  • A minimum standard capital: no requirements.
  • A registered office is required.

The taxation in Saint Lucia

As mentioned above, IBC (Saint Lucia) is exempt from taxes. But, if necessary (at your discretion) you can pay 1% of a corporate tax. There is an annual state duty of $300. There is no currency control in this jurisdiction.

Can I set up a company in Saint Lucia remotely?

By contacting our company, you can register a company in Saint Lucia remotely or order the service “turnkey business in Saint Lucia”.

Experienced YB Case experts will assist you in preparing constituent documents, including:

  • a document, that confirms the real company address;
  • a company Charter;
  • the composition of the Board of directors.

How to open a commercial firm in Saint Lucia?

You can quickly and cheaply open an enterprise in Saint Lucia by contacting our company. We provide legal advice and legal support services at every stage of the registration. A personal approach to each client is the key to success.Do you want to profitably set up a company in Saint Lucia or quickly open a corporate account in Saint Lucia? We know how to help you!

Please, check with our specialists for possible solutions for your business.

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