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Banco Atlantico Europa (PRT)

Banco Atlantico Europa (PRT)

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“To open an account in Portugal becomes even easier” – such a statement was made by Banco Atlantico Europa.

With the qualified support services in opening an account for a company of our experts, now both private and corporate clients will be able to open an account without a personal visit through the Skype conference.

Opening an account with Banco Atlantico Europa is a profitable solution, owing to the fact, that the bank provides simple and favorable tariffs.

About the bank

Portugal is a state with a wide list of industries. In general, it is an industrial-agrarian country located in the western part of Europe. Portugal is regulated on the principle of a parliamentary-presidential republic. The state pursues a policy of liberalization and modernization of the economy, especially in the banking sector.

As a result, several foreign banks began investing in Portuguese banking business as a launching pad for their expansion into the European market and Banco Atlantico Europa was one of them.

The bank was founded in Portugal in 2009. Focusing on international services Banco Atlantico Europa working with customers from more than 50 countries.

Following the goal to serve customers around the world, the Atlantico brand actively offers to open an account with Atlantico Europa for both individuals and legal entities.

It is worth noting that the bank has repeatedly received awards for its innovative contribution and the creation of the best working conditions for its employees, that is important achievement, considering the relatively short history of this bank.

Considering the customers needs, Atlantico Europa has set fixed tariffs for bank transfers for its corporate clients.

Moreover, for those, who decide to open a corporate account with Atlantico Europa, the bank reduced the division of tariff plans, leaving in fact only tariffs for regular and urgent transfers.

Tariffs of the bank

  • Regular transfers: up to 100 000 EUR – 2 EUR. From 100 000 EUR – 25 EUR;
  • Urgent transfers: up to 100 000 EUR – 15 EUR. From 100 000 EUR – 30 EUR;
  • The tariff allocated for transfers not related to SEPA – 0.25% (min. 15 EUR, max. 75 EUR)

Those, who conduct international business can open an account for a company with Atlantico Europa in different currencies.

At the same time, the bank does not make requirements for the presence of a minimum balance, does not take additional service charges, and also offers placement of deposits for up to two years.

If you are interested in opening an account with Atlantico Europa, please contact YB Case team for more information.

YB Case shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and material contained in this website. Please, contact our experts for possible solutions for your business.

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