How can a non-resident open an account in Liechtenstein in 2024?

Liechtenstein is an independent state with the highest GDP per capita. A state stimulates the active development of the financial sector. This contributes to the enormous welfare of the country.

Despite the fact, that Liechtenstein belongs to the dwarf states, the country’s banking sector is quite strong and one of the most stable in the world.

Opening an account in Liechtenstein is a right and promising solution, that contributes to a dynamic development of your business. Due to its stable position in the financial world, Liechtenstein offers a highly developed and attractive financial system, that competes smoothly with jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, Luxembourg and others.

Can a non-resident open an account in Liechtenstein?

Many banking institutions provide non-residents with the opportunity to open a bank account in Liechtenstein. YB Case experts will provide qualified advice on opening an account with Liechtenstein banks and help you to determine the best option for your entrepreneurial activity! Some banks offer individual banking packages.

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Benefits of opening an account in Liechtenstein:

  • A high level of service;
  • A modern European compliance with a liberal approach;
  • Minimum down payment requirements;
  • A financial stability;
  • A reliability and confidentiality;
  • Reasonable tariffs in comparison with other European jurisdictions;
  • A convenient Internet banking;
  • A wide range of banking services;
  • Affordable prices for international transfers.

In which banks can an account be opened for a non-resident?

It is provided for our customers to open an account in Liechtenstein with such banks:

  • Opening an account with Alpinum Bank, for our customers it is possible from 10 days. If you have concerns regarding where to open a merchant account in Liechtenstein, our specialists advise you to pay attention to Alpinum Bank. A tariff plan for a corporate account or a merchant account has its own difference. In one case or another, this bank has affordable tariffs for international transactions.
  • Opening an account with Union Bank AG. This implies opening an account with a European bank, which is considered a most capitalized world financial institution. Having decided to open an account in Liechtenstein, you will be able to make money transactions through the international financial transfer system SWIFT. This bank has requirements for a minimum annual turnover on the current account. It is 7 million EUR/per year. Also, if you want to open an account with Union Bank AG, a minimum account balance is 100,000 EUR. An AAA rating provides the highest level of banking services.

By referring to us you will receive professional advice on where it is better to open an account with a bank in Liechtenstein.

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