Today's article will focus on banking and financial institutions, in which our qualified team provide professional assistance in opening personal accounts for our clients.

Almost all institutions have similar requirements regarding the documentation necessary for opening an account for an individual.

List of documents and data:

  1. International passport.
  2. Certificate from the bank, containing address of residence and confirmed by wet seal
  3. Identification tax number.
  4. Telephone number
  5. E-mail address.
  6. Individually, additional documents.
  7. Professionals of our company will assist in preparing the documents correctly in order to open a personal bank account as quickly as possible.

Jurisdiction and a bank where you can open a personal current account


ING Bank is a proven banking organization established in 1988. It opens accounts for individuals and legal entities. Online banking is available.

The cost for opening a personal account in Poland

  • 650 EUR due in zł
  • 750 EUR on account in USD or EUR.
  • The cost of issuing a debit card is 75 EUR.
  • The cost of connecting to online banking is 50 EUR.

The specified cost is valid for opening a personal bank account in Poland remotely.

If you want to open a personal account with ING Bank with a personal visit, the cost will be lower by 200 EUR.


It is best to open an account in Georgia with Bank of Georgia.

Bank of Georgia is the leading bank of the state. It collaborates with corporate and private individuals. Among the advantages of the bank: multi currency accounts, Internet / telephone banking, low rates.

The cost for opening a personal account with Bank of Georgia remotely, accompanied by our competent team, is 1000 EUR.


Macedonia is a European country with a developed banking sector. A taxpayer-friendly legalization, affordable rates, a reliability are the advantages of the country's banks. We offer our qualified assistance in opening a personal account with Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje remotely.

The cost of opening a personal account in Macedonia, accompanied by our experts, is 600 EUR.


If you want to open a personal account with IUBank, our advisors will assist you in this matter. This is a popular institution offering a wide range of banking services and products. If you want to open a personal account with IUBank, our lawyers will help you in this matter.

The cost of our professional support in opening a personal account in Panama is 2200 EUR with a personal visit.


The Czech Republic is a developed European country that is rapidly gaining ratings among foreign investors who want to register a Czech company or open a corporate account. For individuals - this country is also attractive both in terms of place of residence, and in terms of opening a personal account. We advise you to open an account with EuroPay - a trusted and reliable financial institution.Thanks to the established contacts, our experts will provide qualified support services in opening a personal account in Europe remotely.

The cost of our professional assistance in opening a personal account in the Czech Republic is 1200 EUR.


In order to make transfers to different countries quickly and efficiently, you can open a personal account in Bulgaria with the licensed payment system LeoPay. This internet bank was previously called LeuPay and was located in Malta. In addition to the rebranding, there was a change in the location of the main office. Now the headquarters is located in Bulgaria.

If you want to open a personal account with LeoPay, then the cost of our support is 890 EUR.


If you want to open a personal account in Switzerland in a prestigious and elite bank, then CIM Bank is suitable for this purpose.

During this time, the bank managed to take a leading position and is now in great demand among foreign investors.

If you want to open a personal account with CIM Bank, then the cost of our qualified assistance will be 950 EUR.


Among other options is to consider such a state as Serbia. Opening a personal account with Societe General Srbija, a large-scale bank in the country, is a good solution for every foreigner. With the help of high-quality Internet banking, you can manage your funds remotely and around the clock.

Having decided to open a personal account in Serbia, we recommend you ask for qualified advice from YB Case experts. The cost of our assistance in opening an account with Societe General Srbija is 700 EUR.


The Principality of Liechtenstein is a highly developed jurisdiction. Stable economic and political situation - annually attract investors from various states. Alpinum Bank is a professional and reliable banking structure in which you can open an account for an individual and a legal entity. Qualified YB Case team will provide you with competent advice in opening a personal account with Alpinum Bank.

Our qualified assistance in this process costs 1000 EUR.

How to open a personal account in Europe

Deciding to open a personal account in Asia, Europe or other regions that are attractive for you, it is necessary to carefully analyze the benefits of the bank. When choosing a banking institution, we recommend you initially contacting a specialized specialist, who will provide you with qualified support in choosing a bank and opening an account quickly and efficiently, as well as provide additional advice on your matter.

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