How to open an account in Switzerland in 2022

Do you want to open an account in Switzerland? This will be a good solution for a number of reasons. Below we will tell you, in which state banks you can open an account for a Swiss company.

Switzerland is an independent progressive state, located in the central part of Europe. The Swiss Confederation consists of 26 cantons, 6 of which have a status of semi-cantons. The nearest neighboring countries are Austria, Germany, France, Liechtenstein and Italy. Among the most developed sectors of the economy: a banking, the insurance, a medicine, a light industry, a tourism, an agriculture, a food industry, a construction industry, the energy. Switzerland is one of the 26 countries, that have signed the Schengen Agreement.

Registering a company in Switzerland, as well as opening an account with a Swiss bank, is always a profitable solution. In this article we will take a closer look at the most reliable and trustworthy banks of the federal republic, where you can open an account.

UBS Bank

UBS Bank or UBS Group AG is the largest financial and credit organization of the Swiss Confederation. This bank was founded in 1862. Head offices of the global holding company are located in the cities of Zurich and Basel. UBS Bank is one of 30 systemically important banks in the world.

Many foreign investors and entrepreneurs seek to open an account with UBS Bank, because here they are expected by the most advanced protection system and favorable conditions for asset management.

A main activity of the bank is the provision of financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients from around the world. Today, the bank works with more than 60 European, Asian, African and Arab countries, and also serves more than 3 million private and corporate clients.

Key features of the bank:

  • Opening personal and corporate accounts for Swiss companies (settlement, stock, deposit, savings);
  • A provision of investment, credit (syndicated, transactional) and insurance services, as well as inheritance services of bank deposits and valuable property;
  • A presence of more than 894 branches in 57 countries of the world;
  • Providing advisory services on issues of investing, storing property, optimizing pension savings and more;
  • A possibility of buying real estate, as well as obtaining a mortgage loan for construction;
  • A flexible tariff system;
  • A convenient asset management through the Internet banking system.

If you are going to register a company in Switzerland, then the best solution would be to open an account for the company with UBS. Terms of opening an account are up to 21 days.

Credit Suisse

Why is it worth opening an account for a company in Switzerland? - Credit Suisse Bank or Credit Suisse Group AG is in second place after UBS Bank among the largest financial conglomerates in Switzerland. Credit Suisse Bank is rightfully considered one of the oldest elite banks in the federal republic.

A head office of the holding is located in the city of Zurich in the canton of the same name. Opening an account with Credit Suisse will be the most suitable option for private high net worth individuals, as well as for large corporations.

Credit Suisse Group AG has 7 key divisions, including: Swiss Universal Bank (all types of banking services), Global Markets (securities trading, investment research, brokerage services), International Wealth Management (a private banking, an international asset management).

The main advantages of the bank:

  • Opening personal and corporate accounts for Swiss companies (savings, settlement);
  • Providing investment, insurance, lending, asset management services online;
  • A presence of multilingual staff (more than 18 languages);
  • A provision of brokerage services, underwriting, as well as conducting exchange operations, involving securities and cryptocurrencies;
  • A first class service;
  • 24-hour access to personal funds and banking services, using a mobile application, as well as Internet banking;
  • Use of the most advanced protection systems;
  • A high level of data privacy.

If you want to open a corporate account with Credit Suisse Group AG, then it takes from 10 to 14 days to complete all necessary documents.

Julius Bank

You can open an account in Switzerland with Julius Bank (Julius Bär & Co. AG) ​​belongs to the financial group Julius Bär Group AG and is on the 4th place in terms of assets among the largest financial institutions in Switzerland (after UBS Bank, Credit Suisse and Pictet & Cie SA). This is one of the most prestigious and oldest banking structures of the Swiss Confederation.

If you decide to open an account with Julius Bär & Co. AG, pay attention to the fact, that it is a private multinational bank, specializing in providing a wide range of financial services to private high net worth individuals, as well as corporate clients.

Today, Julius Bank has more than 40 representative offices in 25 countries, with over 6,700 employees.

Opening an account with Julius Bank is worth the following reasons:

  • A colossal work experience (since 1890);
  • A credit rating A+;
  • A high level of information security;
  • Multilingual staff (more than 5 languages);
  • Providing investment, credit, insurance and consulting services;
  • Opening savings personal and corporate accounts in Switzerland;
  • An issue of credit and debit cards (VISA/Mastercard Classic Intercard Premier);
  • A provision of money management services;
  • A purchase/sale of real estate;
  • The possibility of 24/7 access to your account via mobile and Internet banking, as well as fax and E-mail.

It will take 10 days to open an account with Julius Bär.

CBH Bank

CBH Bank or Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique SA is an independent Swiss private bank, owned by CBH Group. It is considered one of the most reliable elite banks in the canton of Geneva. The main office is located in the same city.

If you intend to open an account with CBH Bank, pay attention to the fact, that the main activity of the organization is aimed at serving wealthy private and institutional clients.

Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique SA actively cooperates with customers from the CIS countries, Latin America and Asia. The bank also has branches in Zurich, Geneva, St. Moritz, London, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and the Bahamas.

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If you intend to open an account with Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique SA, the following benefits await you:

  • More than 40 years of work in the banking sector (since 1975);
  • Multilingual staff (French, English, German, Italian, etc.);
  • A modern security system, as well as the highest level of data privacy;
  • An account opening in Switzerland: a personal, a corporate (savings, settlement);
  • Providing investment and credit services;
  • An issue of debit and credit cards: VISA Classic, AmEx Green, EuroCard;
  • Asset and capital management services;
  • 24/7 access to personal accounts and banking products through the client-bank program (Internet, a mobile application, a fax).

Terms of opening an account with CBH Bank is from 2 weeks.

It is important to consider

Opening an account for a holding company in Switzerland, as well as opening a personal account with a Swiss bank, will require an initial payment of at least 500 thousand USD. Opening a corporate account with CIM Bank, UBS Bank and other banks for a non-resident company is considered on an individual basis: conditions may vary, depending on the type of activity, as well as a place of registration of a company.

The entire set of documents, provided for opening an account with a Swiss bank, must be certified by an apostille. A personal visit is required to open an account with Pictet & Cie SA, Bordier & Cie and other banks.

Conditions for Swiss account opening

If you decide to establish a company in Switzerland and want to open an account with Bordier & Cie, Julius Bank or Credit Suisse, then you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • A passport of the ultimate beneficial owner;
  • A bank statement to confirm the address of residence or utility bill (preferably in English);
  • A Power of attorney, signed by the client;
  • A confirmation of the beneficiary’s welfare (indicating the main source of funds).

How to open an account in Switzerland?

If you decide to register a Swiss company, as well as open a corporate account with UBS Bank or open a personal account with CBH Bank, then YB Case specialists will provide you with comprehensive advice regarding all peculiarities of the Swiss business, and will assist you in completing all necessary documents as soon as possible.

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