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UBS Bank is a part of the Swiss financial holding company UBS Group AG. The main office of the bank in Zurich. Opening an account with UBS Bank is a good idea, since UBS Bank is the largest bank in the Swiss Confederation, it is considered one of the largest financial institutions in the world, having opened 893 branches in 56 countries.

This bank is included in the system of insurance of all deposits without fail, and it is in the appropriate register. The largest Swiss financial holding UBS Group AG is constantly improving its work tools and is currently actively developing a system for validating transactions. This system uses DLT (distributed ledger technology) to create unaltered records of any client activity.

UBS occupies an important place in the world of international finance, so if you decide to open an account in Switzerland, you should know that:

  • You can open a bank account with UBS bank;
  • UBS Bank is one of the 28 largest banks;
  • Opening an account with UBS Bank means entrusting funds to a bank, that operates in accordance with the most stringent criteria, regarding a confidentiality and security.

YB Case specialists note, that opening an account with a UBS bank in Switzerland is also interesting, because the bank’s operational structure includes units for managing financial assets, servicing transactions in the US domestic market, and servicing private and corporate clients.

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Terms of opening an account with UBS Bank:

  • You can open an account with a Swiss bank UBS within 10-12 weeks.
  • You can open an account in a UBS Bank remotely (using digital communication channels).
  • You can open an account with UBS Bank by making a down payment in the first 3 months.
  • Funds are credited to the account free of charge. The minimum is the bank commission for outgoing payments (20 CHF).

Having made the decision to deposit money in an account with a Swiss bank at interest, remember, that you can also manage your account, using E-banking.

A bank has a minimum balance requirement: your account must have at least 2 million USD or EUR, however, a bank expresses its customers a desire to increase a balance during the first year to 5 million USD or EUR.

YB Case specialists are ready to provide professional advice on opening an account in Switzerland or qualified support services in registering a Swiss company.

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