The best banks of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a European jurisdiction, that is valued by the stability of the banking system. Banks offer a wide range of services, including opening an account for a company in the Czech Republic, brokerage services, underwriting, insurance, leasing.

The Czech National Bank controls the banking sector. This article contains the best Czech banks for opening a corporate account.

A list of the best banks in the Czech Republic

  • Opening an account with Ceska Sporitelna

5 million customers indicate a strong position of this bank in the Czech market. In 2000, Ceska Sporitelna became a member of the Erste Group (one of the largest providers of financial services in the eastern part of the EU). There are 2800 branches in 7 countries. Opening an account with Ceska Sporitelna is an effective solution for your business.

Benefits of opening an account with Ceska Sporitelna:

  • Czech and major world currencies are available;
  • A secure Internet banking;
  • Advice from a banking expert in English.
  • Free incoming payments.

  • Opening a corporate account with FIO Bank

The Czech FIO Bank has existed since 1993. But then it was an organization, that was engaged in trading in securities.

A banking license was acquired only seven years ago. Since then, FIO Bank has been one of the leading banks in the Czech Republic. Opening an account in the Czech Republic is an interesting and profitable solution.

Benefits of opening an account with FIO Bank:

  • The availability of a convenient free mobile application available on three popular platforms;
  • The ability to conduct operations on the territory of the Czech Republic for free;
  • It is possible to open an account in such world currencies as EUR, USD, RUB, etc.

It is another leading bank in the Czech Republic. It is one of the institutions, that have a positive attitude towards non-resident investors.

Opening an account for a company with CSOB is a good idea, as this financial institute maintains its position as a strong and stable Czech bank, as well as European bank.

Following the successful privatization of the Belgian KBC and the strategic acquisition of IPB, CSOB is dynamically developing its services.

Advantages of opening an account with CSOB:

  • A support around the clock;
  • A decent level of customer service;
  • Mobile/Internet banking.

  • An account opening with Creditas

Creditas Bank began to operate in 2017. This is the youngest bank in this jurisdiction. It was founded in 1996. In 2010, it was renamed to Creditas. In October 2016, CNB granted a bank a first banking license in the Czech Republic.

Benefits of a corporate account opening with Creditas:

  • A corporate financing;
  • Internet and mobile banking;
  • A conversion of foreign currencies.

  • To open an account with Expobank

Expobank was founded in 1991. It is a nationwide bank for corporate and private clients. It has 7 branches. A bank specializes in international activities.

Expobank benefits:

  • The availability of VIP accounts;
  • An individual solution to each client’s issues.
  • A customer support around the clock;
  • An account with one of the most reliable banks in Europe;
  • A decent customer service;
  • You can use the premises of the bank to organize business meetings.

  • To open an account for a company with PPF Bank

PPF Bank works at international level. PPF Bank has its disposal corporate banking services, such as financial, transactional and consulting, for medium and large corporate clients, as well as export and structured financial products.

Among corporate services there are pre-export financing, trade and investment financing, refinancing.

Advantages of opening an account with PPF Bank:

  • A wide range of corporate services;
  • A convenient Homebanking.
  • A free Email statement on bank account.

  • Opening an account for a company with UniCredit

UniCredit is an Italian global financial company. Its network covers 50 markets in 17 countries and has 8,500 branches.

An account opening with UniCredit: advantages

  • A support is available around the clock;
  • A decent level of privacy;
  • A decent service;
  • One of the stable banks in Europe.

  • Opening an account for a company with Raiffeisen

Raiffeisenbank is a member of Raiffeisen International Financial Group. In the Czech financial market for more than 140 years. A bank provides high-quality services for all types of customers. There are about 43 branches.

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Opening an account for a company with Raiffeisen is profitable, as a bank provides a full range of financial services:

For individuals:

  1. a consumer credit;
  2. a mortgage credit lending;
  3. a car loan;
  4. credit cards;
  5. bank deposits.

For corporate clients:

  1. a lending to small and medium-sized businesses;
  2. settlement and cash services;
  3. salary transfer and treasury services, etc.

Benefits of opening an account with Raiffeisen:

  • Russian/English/German-speaking customer service;
  • A decent privacy at a state level;
  • A reliability of investment programs.

Comparative rates of Czech banks

Ceska sporitelna



PPF Banka





A monthly


500 CZK

590 CZK

450 CZK

100 CZK

150 CZK


165 CZK


A minimum deposit



1,000 CZK






A cash withdrawal at ATMs of the bank



From 9,90 CZK

20 CZK

6,50 CZK




A cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks at

Czech territory

40 CZK

30 CZK

39,90 CZK


6,50 CZK



30 CZK

ATM cash withdrawals in the world

125 CZK

100 CZK + 0,5% of the amount

100 CZK + 0,5% of the amount

100 CZK + 0,5% of the amount

2,5 % of the amount

100 CZK + 0,5%

of the amount

100 CZK + 0,5%

of the amount

0,50 % + 80 CZK

If you don’t know which bank is the best choice for you, please contact us for receiving an individual advice on opening a Czech bank account!

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