Opening an account for a company in Kazakhstan in 2024

More and more customers, owners of companies, which accounts were closed or frozen by the banks are turning to us. Opening an account for a company in Europe or Asia in 2024 is very difficult on your own. However, our experts are developing and finding options to resolve this situation. One of the most effective and popular solutions is opening an account in Kazakhstan.

Why do businessmen choose Kazakhstan?

This state is interested in foreign entrepreneurs. In addition, we offer our customers professional assistance in opening an account in Kazakhstan remotely.

To open an account with a Kazakhstan bank, you need to properly prepare a package of documents, which must be translated and notarized.

Our competent experts will assist you in opening an account in Kazakhstan and tell you exactly which certificates and statements a particular bank requests.

If the passport and constituent documents are in Russian, then translation is not required.

A preliminary list of documents for opening an account in Kazakhstan

  • TIN
    The head of the company must receive a TIN (issued within 3 days). To receive it, you need notarized certificates: a copy of your passport and a tax registration number (in the country of residence).
  • A company BIN
    To obtain it, you need copies of registration documents for the company, an extract from the Trade Register and the TIN of the head. It is also can be issued within 3 days.
  • Completed contract and application form
  • Cards with print samples and signatures

It will take about 1 week to open a corporate account in Kazakhstan with a personal visit.

If you want to open an account for a company in Kazakhstan in the above banks or in any other bank in the country, then our experts will provide you with qualified advice on this matter.

Which banks can open an account for a company in Kazakhstan?

We have established contacts and real experience in opening accounts with banks of Kazakhstan. If we talk about the attractiveness of the conditions, then a good option would be to open an account with ATF Bank and open an account with Bank CenterCredit. Both banks work with non-residents, offer favorable tariffs for servicing legal entities and high-quality Internet banking.

If you want to open an account for a company in Kazakhstan in the above, or in any other banks of the country, then our specialists will quickly and efficiently help you with this.

In what cases can a bank of Kazakhstan refuse to open an account for a company?

A banking institution may refuse to cooperate with a company owner with a very complex and opaque structure.

Therefore, when applying for opening an account, it is necessary to describe in detail:

  • a structure;
  • a company activity;
  • sources of income.

In addition, the banks of Kazakhstan do not cooperate with residents of Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea.

How to open an account for a company in the Republic of Kazakhstan?

To minimize the risks of refusing to open an account, use the services of our specialists. Opening an account for a company in Kazakhstan is an interesting and promising option.

More details can be found on the contact numbers, indicated on the website or during personal advice on opening an account with Kazakhstan banks from YB Case team of professionals.

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