To open an account for cryptocurrencies and ICO in 2024

Experience shows, that entrepreneurs, who choose to register a company for ICO face serious difficulties in opening an account for cryptocurrency activities. In such cases, you can contact our experts for advice.

What are the reasons, why banks don’t want to work with cryptocurrencies?

In many jurisdictions, the issue of cryptocurrencies has not yet been fully resolved. This is the main reason for the failure of banking institutions in cooperation with companies, involved in ICOs. Legal entities, whose activities are related to electronic currencies, are classified as a «high risk client». Financial institutions deliberately refuse to businessmen, whose activities they consider illegitimate.

However, some advanced countries have already adopted this technological progress and introduced laws, that make such activities legal.Our experts have established contacts and experience working with various banks around the world and assist entrepreneurs, who decide to register a crypto exchange or open an ICO account.

So, in what jurisdiction can you open an account for a crypto exchange? The following is a current list of countries.


Opening an account for ICO in Gibraltar. There are medium-sized banking organizations, that open merchant accounts and accounts for crypto activities, because over time they want to occupy this potentially profitable niche.


To open an account for a crypto exchanger in Germany. There are banks, that specialize in working with legal entities, conducting crypto activities. Institutions offer a wide range of services to such customers.


Opening an account for cryptocurrencies in Switzerland. Here you can open an account, if you have registered a company for ICO in Switzerland and have passed all the regulatory checks.


It is possible to open an account with a crypto exchange in Malta or open an account for ICO in Malta, if you register a local company.

It is worth mentioning, that Malta became one of the first jurisdictions, where activities, related to cryptocurrencies, are fully regulated and legal.


You can open an account for cryptocurrencies in Liechtenstein at several banks. It must be borne in mind, that each client is inspected and examined individually, in accordance with the strict rules of institutions.


Opening an account for cryptocurrencies in Serbia or in Montenegro is an interesting option for many businessmen. In these countries, there are small banks, that collaborate with crypto projects.


Opening an account for cryptocurrencies in Macedonia seems to be a good solution. The state is known for its friendly attitude to risky entrepreneurship, although banks still carefully check customers, their sources of income and business partners.


Opening an account for ICO in Curacao, Mauritius is possible on fairly favorable terms.


Opening an account for ICO in Singapore or opening an account for a cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore is not easy, but quite profitable.

Correctly prepared a documentation, as well as a detailed description of the structure and sources, will increase your chances of opening such accounts.

Other options

Opening an account for ICO in the payment system is also a good option. Each payment system, like a regular bank, has a number of personal conditions, among which is a list of jurisdictions with which it does not work.

We cannot guarantee 100% opening an account for crypto activities, but we will help to reduce the risk of failure to a minimum and take care of all organizational issues.

Turning to our company, you will receive qualified assistance throughout the process of registration. To clarify the details, call us at the contact numbers, indicated on the site.

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