Where is better to register an IT company in 2022?
Where is better to register an IT company in 2022?

Today, registering an IT company is no longer a whim but a necessity. In a world where financial markets are increasingly becoming digitized, investors are looking for ways to increase their revenue by adopting new types of financial instruments, such as crypto currencies.

So, what should one do to register an IT company in England or establish a company in the USA, Australia or Hong Kong?

Choosing a Jurisdiction for Opening an IT Business

Those seeking to open an international IT business can register an IT company in Hong Kong or Scotland. The two other countries in Europe where you can establish an IT company are the Czech Republic and Ireland. Both of them have investor-friendly legislation and relatively low taxes.

Not so long ago, a Free Zone focusing exclusively on the IT sector was created in Georgia. Registering an IT company in an FZ in Georgia provides its founders with an opportunity to avoid taxation.

Key Issues, Goals and Priorities

To determine whether you should open an IT company in Ireland or Scotland, you will need to answer the following questions:

  • Do you plan to attract investors?
  • Who are your main business partners?
  • Is your company planning to operate in the country where it will be registered?
  • Who will pay/receive dividends and royalties?
  • Is the country considered a tax haven?

Please keep in mind that in some countries you will not be able to establish trust holdings with corporate rights.

If you wish to register an IT company in the Czech Republic, you can contact our experts who will help you resolve all your issues quickly and professionally.

If you conduct business in a country of registration, you will have to deal with the related registration costs and taxation. Please keep in mind that opening a bank account in some jurisdictions will require you to provide proof of activities in those countries, as well as availability of an office and employees. You should also be mindful of the fact that by opening an IT company in such a jurisdiction you can avoid paying taxes..

Professional Assistance

Seeking to register an IT company? Need advice on opening an IT company in the Czech Republic, registering an IT company in Australia or setting up an IT company in Hungary? Why not contact YB Case?

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