Where it is profitable to set up an IT company in 2024
Registering an IT company abroad opens up opportunities to take your business internationally or start a new one. The location of the new IT company can influence how the business develops. Apart from taxes, there are many other criteria to consider. In this article we will analyse where it is profitable to register an international IT company and in which country to locate an IT business.

If you're wondering where to start an international IT company, check out the list of jurisdictions favoured by aspiring entrepreneurs.

Top jurisdictions for registering an IT business

Next, we will list the best countries for IT business.

Starting an IT company in Singapore

Singapore is one of the main technology centres in Asia. The city-state has a good infrastructure, and entrepreneurs wishing to incorporate an international IT company can receive government support. Programmes offer special subsidies to firms that purchase equipment or train/hire employees.

Company registration in Singapore can even be done online. The city-state attracts international IT employees. Local intellectual property laws ensure that innovative ideas and developments in technology are well protected.

Singapore is additionally recognized for its imposition regimen: corporate gainful levy in Singapore is 17 percentage, there is an immunity for the inaugural SGD 10,000 of customary tollable revenue and up to the ensuing SGD 290,000 of tollable revenue. Pioneering enterprises can procure an entire levy immunity on the inaugural SGD 100,000 of tollable revenue and a supplementary 50 percentage immunity on the ensuing SGD 200,000 for the inaugural trio years.

Opening an IT company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, along with Singapore, attracts foreign developers wishing to start an international IT business. In order to register a company in Hong Kong, certain requirements must be met. Among them is the presence of one founder and a shareholder. There are no residency requirements.

IT business registration in the State of Delaware

The state of Delaware is popular with those who want to set up an IT company abroad. To do business in the technology sector, it is worth deciding on the type of future venture. Since Delaware has some of the lowest tax rates compared to other states, this can be a reason to set up an IT business in this state.

The inaugural stride for inaugurating a vocation in Delaware is to delineate the enterprise. Vocation strategizing is the supremely pivotal constituent in fabricating a prosperous vocation. Delaware stands as one of the preeminent jurisdictions for transoceanic stakeholders to constitute a global enterprise. A few of the benefits comprise the ensuing:

  • No corporate tax for businesses not doing business in the state.
  • Jurisdiction offers flexibility in structuring a business.
  • Short incorporation timeline.

Registration of an IT company in Ireland

Dublin (Ireland) has become a centre for many international technology companies such as Apple or Facebook. The IT sector is in constant development. Ireland offers tax incentives for R&D activities and joint ventures between local and foreign investors are favoured. The country has a low rate of corporation tax on trading profits of 12.5 per cent. Investors wishing to start an overseas IT company in this jurisdiction can seek our assistance in setting up a business in Ireland.

Registering an IT business in England

The UK attracts entrepreneurs due to its favourable geographical location for all those who want to establish their international IT business. The government provides various incentives for doing business in the relevant sector. A visit to the country is not necessary to register an international IT company.

Opening an IT company in Cyprus

Cyprus used to be quite a popular place for the incorporation of non-resident businesses. There is a tendency for IT entrepreneurs to move to other jurisdictions.

Registration of an IT company in Georgia

Georgia is actively developing in the direction of easy business in the IT sector. The state provides special treatment for those wishing to register a European IT company. Entrepreneurs who are focused on building a business in Europe in the technical sector often choose Georgia. It is worth noting that there are free economic zones on the territory of the country. Among them:

  • Poti.
  • Kutaisi.
  • Tbilisi.

Starting an IT business in Estonia

Estonia was ranked 12th in terms of ease of doing business in 2017. Non-residents are allowed 100% ownership of a business. To start a business, it is necessary to decide on the legal form of the company. An obligatory requirement is the presence of a legal address. It is allowed to establish a company remotely in Estonia. Jurisdiction is characterised by a transparent and clear taxation system. It is worth noting that IT enterprises are not subject to income tax.

Registration of an IT company in Portugal

Portugal's technology sector offers a wide range of opportunities for foreigners. Registration of a company in the jurisdiction takes place in an extremely short time. It is necessary to fulfil all the requirements of the country and collect all the documents before opening an IT company in Portugal.

Starting an IT business in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is now becoming the centre of the global economy. The jurisdiction has a solid infrastructure. The IT sector has become quite popular among local and foreign investors who want to open a company in the Emirates. One of the reasons for this popularity of this industry is that the UAE is a technologically advanced country in the Middle East. Registering an IT business right here can bring economic benefits to non-local residents. It should be emphasised that there are free zones in the Emirates that allow you to do business without a local partner.


Establishing an IT company overseas provides a significant opportunity to increase revenue and provide services in a variety of industries. As with any industry, the location of your new IT company matters. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand where it is profitable to open an IT company abroad. The place of incorporation can play a decisive role in attracting a client base or in business development in general. Based on the business project, it is possible to understand in which jurisdiction to incorporate an IT company. If you do not know where it is better to start an IT business abroad, please contact our company's dedicated specialists for advice.

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