Registering a hedge fund in Malta

In accordance with the law, the EU member countries cannot provide financial services without a special license. If you want to register a hedge fund in Malta or in other European countries, you will need to obtain a special permission.

Financial activities are regulated by EU directives – therefore, all EU countries have similar rules and regulations.

A hedge fund is a type of collective investment scheme. Participants of such fund must have the appropriate qualifications and understand the possible risks associated with investment activities.

Malta's main financial regulator is the MFSA (Financial Services Authority).

If you are planning to set up a hedge fund in Malta, then contact our YB Case team. We will provide you with professional advice on the nuances of business in this jurisdiction, and also we will help you choose the most appropriate legal form.

Business entity types

We propose you to choose one the following business entity types and:

  • to register an Investment Company (open type);
  • to register an Investment Company (closed type);
  • to set up a Variable Capital Fund;
  • to set up a Partnership;
  • to register a Unit Trust;
  • to set up a Mutual Investment Fund.

For those, who are interested in registering a hedge fund in Malta we propose to set up an open-type Investment Company (there are no requirements for a share capital).

The next step is to choose the type of investment fund:

  • Experienced (investors with experience). Only those who have an appropriate qualifications and experience can invest in such funds (hence referred to as “experienced investors”);
  • Qualified (qualified investors). Investor can be both a legal entity or an individual. NAV (net asset value) of each investor: above 750 thousand EUR.
  • Extraordinary (extraordinary investors). Investor can be both a legal entity or an individual. NAV of each investor: above 7.5 million EUR.

Also, if you would like to obtain a hedge fund license in Malta, we will help to resolve this issue.


The entire process (preparation of documents and application review period) will take approximately 6 months.

The regulator may require additional documents. In this case, the terms may increase.

Mandatory staff requirements:

Entrepreneurs, who are intended to register a hedge fund in Malta remotely, should meet the following requirements:

  • Certified Auditor;
  • Board of Directors;
  • Investment Fund Manager;
  • Compliance Officer;
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer;
  • Depositary;
  • The official responsible for conducting the audit.

How to obtain a license for an investment fund

Experienced YB Case specialists will help you to register your own business in the jurisdiction of your choice and provide assistance at all stages.

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