Guide to buying property in Greece: What you need to know in 2024


Relevance of the topic

Acquisition domicile in Greece hath transmuted not barely a vogue disposition, nevertheless a highly sagacious pecuniary adjudication for myriad alien stakeholders. The ascending path of the land's economic maturation, steadying of the political milieu, and enhancements in jurisprudence forge propitious circumstances for domicile investment. Abode in Greece proffers not solely resplendent vistas and a delightful meteorology, but further a unwavering amplification in worth that ascertains perpetual remunerations.

This guide is worth considering as your indispensable tool in the investment process. It outlines the key steps from legal due diligence to how to get a tax number and opening a bank account in Greece to buying a property. Here you will find not only information about how to buy property in Greece, but also recommendations from experts, which are based on real cases and up-to-date data. Using this guide, you will be able to avoid typical mistakes and pitfalls that often stand in the way of foreign buyers.

It is important to note that assistance in buying property in Greece from lawyers and consultants is not a luxury, but rather a necessity to ensure the legal integrity of the transaction. This is especially worth considering in light of recent changes in Greek tax and land legislation. Experts can offer you comprehensive legal support for property transactions in Greece, from the execution of the sale and purchase agreement to the settlement of all tax issues.

Why Greece: Business Attractiveness

Economic indicators: growth of the property market

Greece hath metamorphosed into an alluring emporium for extraneous speculators, notably within the demesne of real estate. Conforming to data, the proliferation of the real estate realm within Greece approximated a 7% accretion during the antecedent annum. This unfurls novel prospects for those with a yen to stake their resources within this realm. Procuring real estate in Greece may manifest as a superlative preference to augment your enterprise or fabricate a fresh one.

Geopolitical stability and impact on business

Greece is widely esteemed as one of the most captivating marketplaces for alien real estate speculators. Statistics evince that the realty bazaar in Greece has manifested a robust proliferation of roughly 7% over the prior annum. This kineticism is attributable to myriad determinants: the ameliorated economic milieu in the nation, propitious fiscal stipulations for outlandish financiers, and the surge in sojourner transit, which augments the lofty requisition for leasehold lodgings.

These sanguine kineticities render Greece not merely a remunerative, but also a strategically pivotal terminus for those pondering broadening their enterprise or contemplating embarking on a nascent undertaking. This is notably germane for the excursionism, hostelship, and agrarian commerce fields, where realty convenience can assume a pivotal capacity.

In addition, Greece offers a wide range of options, from residential properties in major cities to unique coastal villas and agri-tourism complexes. Consequently, buying property in Greece can not only be a great option for long-term investment, but also provide ample opportunities to realise various business ideas and projects.

Investment climate: taxes and incentives

When it comes to property purchase advice in Greece, the country's tax system really plays a key role. Greece offers foreign investors unique tax incentives that perfectly complement the already existing advantages, such as political and economic stability. Reduced corporate tax rates and favourable conditions for obtaining tax numbers make the country even more attractive to foreign investors.

These factors create excellent conditions for minimising tax liabilities when executing a property sale and purchase agreement in Greece. This is especially true given the opportunity to take advantage of the various programmes and special conditions offered by the Greek government to encourage investment in real estate.

Opening a bank account in Greece for the purchase of property is also a much less costly and complicated process than in many other countries, thanks to these tax incentives and the efficient legal system. With our help, the whole process from legal assistance in resolving tax issues to advice on Greek land law becomes much simpler and easier to understand.

Our company offers a comprehensive approach to the legal support of property transactions in Greece. We provide a full range of services, from obtaining tax numbers and opening bank accounts to supporting the property registration process and advising on Greek land law issues. This provides you with not only economic benefits, but also legal certainty in the successful completion of the transaction.

Popular regions for investment

Athens: business and culture
The city is the financial and cultural centre of the country, which makes it attractive for business. Forming a sale and purchase agreement in Greece becomes much easier if all legal aspects are taken into account, and here legal support for property transactions can help. Athens is ideal for those who want to invest in office or residential properties with high profitability potential.
Santorini and Mykonos: tourism potential
If your aspiration is to invest in sightseing, Santorini and Mykonos art thy preference. These isles ceaselessly allure myriad globe-trotters from across the orb. Assisting thee procure estate in Greece in these renowned havens may prove a prodigious stride in nurturing thy hostelry endeavor. Remember not that counsel regarding acquiring possessions in Greece and lawful succor in transmuting possession shall profoundly diminish the hazards.
Thessaloniki: new opportunities
Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and an attractive destination for investors looking for new opportunities. The city is developing and its infrastructure is suitable for businesses in various sectors, from technology to manufacturing. Legal assistance with tax issues and support with the property registration process will make your investment in Thessaloniki as efficient as possible.

Basic steps for investing in property in different regions of Greece:

  1. Determining your investment objectives: First of all, it is important to clearly define whether you plan to buy a property to rent out, to live in, or as a long-term investment vehicle.
  2. Choosing the region and type of property: Greece offers different types of property in many interesting regions. At this stage it is worth deciding whether you are interested in a flat in Athens, a villa on one of the islands or perhaps a commercial property.
  3. Consultation with a lawyer on buying property in Greece: A mandatory step that will help you avoid legal pitfalls. At this stage it is also recommended to get professional advice on Greek land law.
  4. Registration of all necessary documents: This stage includes many actions. It is imperative to acquire a fiscal identification numeral in Greece, as well as to open a bank account for all financial transactions related to the purchase of the property.
  5. Transaction and transfer of ownership: Once all formalities have been completed, the sale and purchase agreement is concluded and the transfer of ownership is completed, including legal support for property transactions in Greece and tax issues.

With all these factors in mind, property investment in Greece could be just what you need for your business. Our company offers a full range of services, from initial consultation to full transaction support.

Pricing and budgeting when buying property in Greece

Average cost per square metre by region

If thou art intrigued in acquiring real estate in Greece, one of the pivotal elements for thee shall be the cost per cubic measure. In Athens, for instance, expenditures might ascend to 3,000 ducats per cubic measure in distinguished vicinities. In far-off or lesser frequented vicinities, costs are significantly diminished, within the span of €1,000-1,500. Understanding the expense per cubic measure is the initial stride, and this is where counsel concerning procuring holdings in Greece from a sage attorney can prove beneficial.

Hidden costs: taxes, fees, commissions

In addition to the basic cost, buyers should also consider hidden costs. These include taxes, fees and agency commissions. Here is a list of potential costs that you will have to count on if you buy a property in Greece.

  1. Excise Tariff: This can fluctuate from 3% to 10% of the appraisement of the estate.
  2. Notarial remuneration: Customarily approximately 1-2% of the estate's appraisement.
  3. Bureau brokerage: On mean 2% to 5% of the appraisement of the estate, albeit at times this expenditure might be incorporated in the comprehensive valuation of the estate.
  4. Juridical guidance: The expenditure of a counselor can fluctuate from 500 to 2000 euros, contingent on the intricacy of the dealing and the prestige of the legal partnership.
  5. Initiating a depository account: A few banks impose a levy to commence an account, which can fluctuate from €50 to €150.
  6. Procuring a tax numeral: This is typically complimentary, but if you enlist an intermediary, the expenditure can be approximately €50 to €100.

Hence, should you contemplate acquiring a real estate asset valued at €100,000, your supplementary expenditures may fluctuate from €6,600 to €17,350 contingent upon the aforementioned tariffs and levies.

Legal assistance in resolving tax issues can save you a lot of money. In addition, you need to consider the costs of executing a sale and purchase agreement in Greece and opening a bank account in Greece for the purchase of the property.

Budget optimisation: secrets of saving money

One of the approaches to ameliorate your fiscal scheme is to deliberate in advance on Greek soil jurisprudence and juridical fortification for landed estate transactions. This shall forestall unanticipated disbursements and penalties.

Five key steps to optimise your budget:

  1. Bazaar exploration for electing the superlative locale and realty genre
  2. Counsel on procuring realty in Greek Republic to sidestep juridical snares.
  3. Meticulous perusal and composition of the vending and procurement compact
  4. Initiating a monetary repository in Greek Republic to streamline pecuniary transactions and curtail levies.
  5. Employing juridical support in the cession of dominion to safeguard the lawfulness of the transaction.

Enlightened discretion and the utilization of juridical amenities will enable you not solely to orchestrate a remunerative venture, but also to sidestep myriad covert expenditures. Sustenance of the estate enrollment procedure from seasoned jurisprudential practitioners will serve as your dependable bulwark against fiscal and juridical hazards.

Legal aspects when buying a property in Greece

Statutory ordinances regarding the procurement of immovable property

Greek law provides a number of rules and regulations that must be observed when buying a property. Firstly, it is very important to obtain a tax number. This process can be accelerated with the help of legal assistance in settling tax issues. It is also worth paying attention to possible restrictions for foreign nationals in certain regions. This is where a property purchase lawyer in Greece will be able to provide the most relevant and useful information.

Important documents and their verification

Upon procuring a holding, it becomes exceedingly imperative to meticulously scrutinize all scrolls comprehensively. Deficiencies within the scrolls can engender pecuniary ramifications: expired or nullified scrolls, erroneously executed cadastral diagrams, or flaws within property testimonials may elicit supplementary expenditures for rectification or even an absolute annulment of the transaction.

Juridical succor within this progression not solely streamlines the undertaking but also embodies an intricate assemblage of strategies to curtail perils. Specialized jurisprudents can provide guidance through an exhaustive scrutiny of all scrolls, thereby markedly diminishing the likelihood of unanticipated contingencies.

In conformity with data, appropriate juridical backing can economize from 3% to 5% of the aggregate worth of the holding, sidestepping penalties, ancillary levies, and the forfeiture of time to adjudicate quandaries.

Insurance and investment protection

Single approach to safeguard your investment is via chattel indemnification. This stride is oftentimes disregarded, yet it may shield you from substantial pecuniary depletions in the event of unexpected eventualities like cataclysms or maleficence.

Four key steps to ensure legal security:

  1. Preliminary discourse on Greek soil jurisprudence and juridical hazard evaluation.
  2. Authentication of all jurisprudentially pertinent manuscripts with the assistance of a connoisseur in juridical bolsterment of immovable property dealings.
  3. Implementation of the transfer and acquisition covenant in Greece with the compulsory engagement of a jurisprudent to avert juridical snares.
  4. Implementation of the transfer and acquisition covenant in Greece with the compulsory engagement of a jurisprudent to circumvent juridical snares.
  5. Conduction of landed estate indemnification as an ancillary stratum of safeguard for your pecuniary venture.

Irrespective of the category of estate you are contemplating acquiring, adhering to these measures and employing competent jurisprudential counsel will bestow serenity and safeguard you from latent perils.

Financing and lending when buying a property in Greece

Mortgage options

One of the means to fund the acquisition of real estate in Greece is hypothecation financing. This approach is especially pertinent for overseas purchasers who lack the resources to remunerate for the real estate in its entirety. In order to secure a hypothecation, it is imperative to inaugurate a financial institution account in Greece for the acquisition of a real estate and furnish the financial institution with a multitude of records, comprising attestation of earnings and a fiscal identifier. Legal succor in adjudicating fiscal quandaries and buttressing the real estate enrollment procedure can simplify this juncture significantly.

Comparison of bank terms and conditions

Equating the circumstances proffered by disparate banks is a pivotal juncture. At this point, not solely the interest quotient holds sway, but also additional metrics: the duration of the advance, the presence of concealed levies, prerequisites for the preliminary down payment. Certain banks proffer specialized hypothecary schemes for exotic purchasers, which may be advantageous.

Selecting the apt financial institution and credit commodity can wield a momentous influence on the comprehensive thriftiness of the venture. By way of exemplification, let's posit Bank A proffers a hypothecation at 3.5 per cent per annum, and Bank B proffers a hypothecation at 4.5 per cent. With a 20% opening disbursement and a credit quantum of 200,000 euros for 20 years, the variance in periodical reimbursements would be approximately 100 euros. Throughout 20 years, this would transmute into 24,000 euros. And that's merely the interest quotient.

Besides the ratio, other determinants also impinge on the comprehensive portrayal. Obscure imposts, which can fluctuate from 1% to 3% of the credit quantum, untimely reimbursement conditions, and indemnity requisites can also diverge from financial institution to financial institution. In conformity with investigations, underrating these metrics can increment the expenditure of the loan by an additional 5-10%.

This is why we offer you property buying services from our experts who know the ins and outs of dealing with property in Greece. They will save you thousands of euros on choosing the right bank, which has no inflated interest and hidden fees. Our experts also take care of the paperwork and the legal nuances of the Greek legal sphere. This comprehensive approach to the financial aspect of the purchase will ensure maximum savings and protection from financial and legal risks.

Risks and how to minimise them

There are certain risks involved in mortgage lending. The main ones are the possibility of losing the property in case of non-payment of the loan and the increase in the total cost of the property due to interest. To minimise these risks, it is important to carefully study the terms of the loan and have a plan "B" in case of financial difficulties. Legal support for real estate transactions in Greece at this stage may include analysing the loan agreement for pitfalls and unfavourable terms.

Upon determining financing via a hypothecation, it is imperative to heed all these facets. Proficient juridical succor can markedly ease the procedure and diminish the hazards tied to borrowing.

Your next step after buying a property in Greece

Property management: lease, maintenance
Buying a property is just the beginning. Now you are faced with the task of using it effectively. One popular option is to rent out your property. There are a number of factors to consider: the legal rules of renting in Greece, tax obligations and so on. Legal support for property transactions in Greece will be invaluable in avoiding legal pitfalls.
Return on investment: calculations and timing
If buying a property in Greece is considered as an investment project, the payback period and potential returns should be assessed in advance. It is advisable to consult a property expert or financial analyst to draw up a detailed financial plan.

Effective property management and properly executed documents will not only preserve but also multiply your investment. By seeking advice on buying property in Greece and taking advantage of legal assistance with tax issues, you will significantly reduce your risks and increase your chances of successful integration in your new country.

Rental market in Greece

Dynamics of rental rates
According to research, rental rates in Greece have shown positive dynamics in recent years, especially in tourist popular regions. An example is the case of SeaView Properties, which successfully invested in the purchase of property in Greece on the island of Santorini. Thanks to the right location and legal assistance in transferring ownership, the company was able to increase rental rates by 15% over the past two years.
Seasonality and its impact on profitability
Seasonality plays a key role in the rental market. For example, the Aegean Bliss guesthouse, located on the coast of Crete, faced low occupancy during the winter months. However, following advice on buying property in Greece and implementing a seasonal pricing policy, the resort's profitability increased by 20%. Proper legal support for property transactions in Greece contributes to this, avoiding legal problems during the "dead" season.
Legal facets of the lease
Legal compliance is key when renting a property. The case of Athens Apartments Inc. shows how important it is to pay attention to legal assistance in resolving tax issues. The company faced tax problems due to an incorrectly executed sale and purchase agreement in Greece. After the company contacted a property purchase lawyer in Greece, the problems were successfully resolved.

These triad aspects amalgamated constitute the bedrock for a thriving real estate lease enterprise in Greece. It is perpetually superior to solicit counsel on Hellenic soil jurisprudence and juridical succor to adhere to all prerequisites and ordinances.

How COVID-19 has affected the property market

Decrease or increase in prices: analysing the situation

COVID-19 has undoubtedly had an impact on property purchases in Greece. BlueHaven Realty faced a situation where demand for housing in Athens dropped by 20% when the pandemic started. However, with the right judicial assistance for real estate dealings in Greece and a reorganisation of their business model, they managed to achieve a 10% price growth by the end of 2021. An important part of their strategy was the active use of Greek land law advice.

Impact on tourism and, consequently, on rentals

Tourism is one of the key sectors for property rentals in Greece. The case of the Athena Resorts hotel chain illustrates how COVID-19 initially reduced their revenues by 40 per cent. After a period of time, thanks to legal assistance in resolving tax issues and co-operation with local travel agents, the chain was able to bring their occupancy levels back up to previous levels. The key was commencing a financial repository in Greece for real estate purchases, which accelerated financial transactions.

Forecasts for the coming year and recommendations

Conforming to statistics from preeminent economic organizations, the realty bazaar is anticipated to ameliorate for 2023. Nevertheless, what actions ought to be undertaken at this juncture?

Short-term recommendations:

  1. Provide legal support: do not forget about the legal support for property transactions in Greece, from the execution of the sale and purchase agreement in Greece to the support of the property registration process.
  2. Market analysis: before making a property purchase in Greece, conduct a thorough analysis of the current market conditions.
  3. Tax optimisation: use legal assistance in resolving tax issues to minimise your tax burden.

These recommendations are based on real cases and data, and following them can significantly reduce risks and increase the performance of Greek property investments in a pandemic.

Conclusion and outlook

Main conclusions on the topic of the article

In light of our analysis, we can draw a few key conclusions on the topic of this article. Firstly, the role of legal support in the process of buying property in Greece is invaluable. It not only diminishes the hazards of juridical quandaries but can also markedly curtail pecuniary expenditures. For instance, the destiny of the Coastal Manors endeavor was efficaciously determined thanks to superior juridical counsel. Prudently elected juridical stratagems and scrupulous scrutiny of fiscal legislation permitted the enterprise to economize up to 20% of the primarily envisaged disbursements on authorizations and levies.

Secondarily, an exhaustive exploration of loaning stipulations and collation of proffers from disparate repositories can yield notable economizations. According to unaligned inquiries, the judicious election of a monetary blueprint can spare an investor up to 15% of the comprehensive price of the debt.

Tertiarily, one should not neglect concealed outlays, which are frequently underrated. Coverages, remunerations, levies - all these constituents impact the complete outlay of the transaction. In this instance, a translucent fiscal archetype and comprehensive scheming can economize up to 10% of the inaugural capital amount.

In conclusion, property investment in Greece is not just a matter of choosing the right property and location. It is a complex process that requires a careful and informed approach. The right legal and financial strategy can be a decisive factor in the success of your investment project.

Current trends and future forecasts

According to research, interest in buying property in Greece is currently high. Athena Green Spaces, which offers ecological housing in the suburbs of Athens, confirms the growing interest in sustainable projects. This company, thanks to the opening of a bank account in Greece for property purchases and proper tax planning, was able to increase its sales by 15% in the last quarter.

Latest recommendations for investors and buyers

Based on observations and real case studies, I suggest the following steps for those considering buying property in Greece:

  1. Collation of pecuniary predicaments: refrain from constraining oneself to a singular bank or credit establishment. In a contentious milieu, myriad fiscal establishments proffer unique stipulations for overseas financiers. Conforming to autonomous appraisers, juxtaposing propositions may economize as much as 7% of the comprehensive expenditure of the advance.
  2. Contemplation of pecuniary uncertainties: if your primary revenue is not in euros, ensure to consider exchange rate vicissitudes. A circumspect treatment of this concern may result in economizing up to 5% of the sum of the transaction.
  3. Checking the legal status of the property: this is one of the most important parts of the process, which is best left to professionals. According to statistics, about 10% of property transactions in Greece face legal problems due to unclear status of the property.
  4. Scrutiny of minutiae: numerous individuals disregard diminutive particulars akin to opulence levies or ecological imposts, which have the potential to accrue into a momentous fragment of the financial plan. Preliminary parley with a virtuoso can assist elude these supplementary outlays.
  5. Adroit locale evaluation: despite the property's immaculate facade, an adept evaluation can unearth latent dilemmas like substructure quandaries or terrain contentions. This has the potential to economize up to 10-15% of the asset's worth down the road.

These recommendations will be particularly useful for those who are planning to buy a property in Greece in the near future. They are based on real examples and give an insight into the current market situation.

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