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Сompany registration in Greece

Greece (officially known as the Hellenic Republic) dwells as a realm situated in the South European expanse. It maintains affiliation within the European Union. Notwithstanding the predicaments intertwined with the downturn in 2009, the economy of the realm upholds a constructive trajectory hitherto. Consequently, if you are engrossed in global undertakings and hold curiosity in corporate enlistment within Greece, this composition shall prove advantageous for your perusal.

Which kinds of enterprises can be enlisted in Greece

When electing to establish a corporation in Greece, pursue erudite counsel from the seasoned personnel of YB Case. We shall furnish you with counsel and reinforcement at each juncture of the procedure.

You shall savor a plethora of fiscal advantages should you enlist any of the subsequent corporate categories:

  1. Joint Stock Company.
  2. Limited liability company.
  3. General partnership.
  4. Limited partnership.
  5. A branch of a foreign company.
  6. Foreign company.
Limited Liability Corporation and Societé Anonyme stand as the most prevalent configurations.
Moreover, outlying outposts of foreign enterprises functioning beyond Greece also garner interest. Outposts mirror an extraterritorial enterprise, given their immunity from revenue impositions and potential advantages arising from the dual levy pact.

Enrollment of a confined accountability corporation in Greece

To enroll an LLC in Hellas, the inaugural measure is to communicate with our personnel. We shall elucidate to you comprehensively the procedure for enlisting the enterprise.

Primarily, you must elect a denomination for the establishment. It ought to correspond with your category of operation. The subsequent phase encompasses elucidating the enterprise's undertakings and fabricating its articles of alliance. Establish the duration for which you have opted to enroll the enterprise in Geece (it has the potential for expansion).

In order to register a company in Greece in 2023, it is necessary to

  • domicile recorded in the land's domain;
  • sanctioned resources of no less than 4500 Euros;
  • declaration of quotas for every contributor in the authorised funds;
  • quantity of contributors: at least 1;
  • least quantity of bookkeepers: 1;
  • administrator of the corporation (should possess an identification numeral).

Enrollment of a co-partnership corporation

To enroll a communal capital corporation in Greece you require:

  • opt for a designation that pertains to the endeavor;
  • expound upon the enterprise's undertakings;
  • compose articles of incorporation;
  • enroll office premises within the nation;
  • possess a requisite capital of 60,000 Euros;
  • particularize the stock ownership of the stakeholders in the authorized capital;
  • minimal tally of stakeholders: one;
  • governing council: between three to seven individuals (each must hold a fiscal identifier);
  • two financial practitioners;
  • delineate the duration for which you have resolved to register a public limited company in Greece (it can be subsequently prolonged).

Subsequent to receiving the complete dossier of records, our staff can offer assistance in acquiring preliminary consent for the firm's designation. You shall be necessitated to remit a seal duty to the National Bank (1% of the authorized capital). Subsequently follows the tendering of the Articles of Confederation to the dedicated service for its enrollment and the settlement of the capital accumulation levy, amounting to 1% of the authorized capital sum, to the National Bank.

Upon enrollment with the Chamber of Commerce, you shall incur an annual charge.
The entirety of these proceedings consumes roughly 20 days.

VAT number and bank account

To enroll a Greek enterprise, it is likewise imperative to secure a VAT (Value Added Tax) numeral and commence a Hellenic financial institution account (to attribute the allotment principal to the corporate ledger).

Kindly reach out to our personnel for further particulars.


Subsequent to our assistance in procuring an exhaustive compilation of records substantiating the corporation's presence (designation, articles of incorporation, corporate data, fiscal identifier, portrayal of the company's pursuits, etc.), you shall have the capability to conduct global commerce within the nation.

If you aspire to inaugurate an enterprise in Greece, it is imperative to consider that you are obligated to furnish an annual statement for the antecedent year (before the 31st of March of the contemporary year). Moreover, at two-month intervals, you are compelled to furnish a tax declaration (19% value augmented tax).

Commercial formalization with assistance from YB Case

Consequently, desiring to become an entrepreneur in Greece and opting to record a corporation and inaugurate a Greek company account, it is imperative to consider all the idiosyncrasies and prerequisites of this jurisdiction. To obtain accompanying amenities and formalize your enterprise as expeditiously and effectively as feasible, kindly reach out to our personnel at the contact details specified on the web portal.
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