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Registration of a gambling licence in Costa Rica

Registration of a gambling licence in Costa Rica

General overview of gambling in Costa Rica

Costa Pica, situated in Central America, is celebrated for its exquisite littoral, charming groves, and opulent fauna. Nevertheless, aside from sightseeing and eco-friendly trade, Costa Pica also captivates the notice of the global commerce with its idiosyncrasies in the realm of gaming.

  • Venturing in Costa Rica: There exist numerous betting overseers in Costa Rica offering virtual gambling establishments, athletic wagering, stud and alternative manifestations of gaming. This sector constitutes a vital component of the Costa Rican fiscal system and allures both indigenous and global enterprises.
  • No extraordinary hazard licenses: it is crucial to observe that Costa Rica lacks exceptional hazard licenses akin to certain alternative jurisdictions. Instead, hazard executors can acquire a data manipulation license, which is pivotal for internet hazard.
  • Global viewership: Costa Rica entices gaming facilitators from every corner of the globe, affording them the chance to serve a worldwide assemblage. This renders the nation a favored endpoint for global gaming enterprises.

Criteria for registration in the Costa Rican gambling industry

Legal nuances and missing categories of gambling licences

Costa Rica possesses a singular methodology for gaming governance by abstaining from necessitating distinct gaming charters, a prevalent custom in alternative nations. The emphasis in this instance pertains to data manipulation endorsement, a requisite to conduct an internet-based gaming enterprise.

  • Data scrutiny authorization: this sort of authorization is pivotal for gaming operators in Costa Rica, as it empowers them to lawfully amass and hoard intelligence concerning patrons and their pecuniary dealings.
  • Constrictions for indigenous denizens: the data scrutiny authorization does not sanction gaming for Costa Rican inhabitants within the nation, rendering local gaming markets unattainable to them.
  • Universal patronage foundation: the authorization is devised for intercontinental gaming enterprises endeavoring to accommodate patrons universally, excepting Costa Rica.

The information manipulation authorization connotes a global inclination for gaming administrators and enables them to function within the structure of Costa Rican legislation, delivering assistance to clientele beyond the nation.

Restrictions for players from Costa Rica

Costa Rican statute forbids indigenous denizens from engaging in pastimes orchestrated by operators within the nation, yet there exist no impediments on the dispensation of gaming amenities beyond the jurisdiction. This renders Costa Rica enticing to worldwide gaming enterprises concentrated on the universal market, all the while upholding indigenous statutes and elevated benchmarks of data safeguarding and confidentiality.

Benefits of a gambling licence in Costa Rica

Low entry barrier and economic benefits

Obtaining a data processing licence in Costa Rica has low costs and a simple procedure, which makes this country attractive for gambling operators.

  • Inexpensive expenditures: The progression of acquiring a facts manipulation charter in Costa Rica encompasses minimal expenditures in contrast to sundry alternative jurisdictions. This embraces meager governmental charges and charter charges.
  • Uncomplicated methodology: the methodology for acquiring a facts manipulation charter is exceedingly uncomplicated and perspicuous. It encompasses tendering the requisite manuscripts and enterprise enlightenment, as well as disbursing the pertinent charges. Practitioners can anticipate relatively prompt authorization of their entreaties.
  • Financial advantage: The pecuniary advantage is that practitioners can conserve notably on initiation expenditures, enabling them to reallocate assets to commercial advancement. Diminished expenditures additionally curtail the monetary jeopardy for nascent participants to the bazaar and expedite swifter initiation.

Minimum licensing requirements

Costa Rica stands out for its minimal licensing requirements, making it attractive to a variety of gambling operators, including startups.

  • No financial guarantees: no financial guarantees or capital investment is required to obtain a data processing licence in Costa Rica. This means that entrepreneurs can start their business with minimal investment.
  • No capital investment required: unlike some other jurisdictions, Costa Rica does not require a mandatory capital investment to obtain a gaming licence. This reduces financial barriers and allows start-ups and small businesses to begin their business.

These prerequisites are exceedingly captivating for individuals desiring to inaugurate a gaming enterprise in Costa Rica and penetrate the worldwide gaming market.

Tax rates for companies holding an online gambling licence in Costa Rica

  • Universal toll valuation: corporate proceeds are taxed at a proportion of 30%. This is the habitual toll for enterprises in Costa Rica, relevant to all entities pursuing activities in the nation, regardless of their incorporation whereabouts. In accordance with the territoriality doctrine, levy on gains is levied on proceeds acquired in Costa Rica, irrespective of the company's incorporation location. Nevertheless, revenue emanating from transactions executed beyond Costa Rica might be acknowledged as non-Costa Rican origin income and thus exempt from imposition.
  • Wagering: establishments immersed in wagering, encompassing cyber wagering, are not amenable to distinctive imposition in Costa Rica. Additionally, earnings accrued beyond the nation are not imposable. This is a foremost rationale prompting entrepreneurs to elect Costa Rica as the genesis for their wagering enterprise.
  • Levy on apportionments: the imposition proportion on apportionments in Costa Rica fluctuates within 5-15%. This is relevant to profits dispensed to the stakeholders of a corporation in the configuration of apportionments.

Significantly, these levies and regulations might be notably enticing to global gaming facilitators, notably within the milieu of the worldwide internet wagering arena, wherein earnings are frequently engendered beyond the nation of corporate affiliation.

Procedure for registration of a gambling licence

Choosing the form of legal entity to manipulate a gaming enterprise in Costa Rica

Form of legal entity


Limited Partnership

Includes a minimum of one limited partner and one general partner. Offers flexibility in management and organisation.

Sociedad Anonima

A popular form for corporations in Costa Rica. Requires a minimum of two shareholders and an annual general meeting. Separates ownership and management, providing limited liability.

Empresa Individual de Responsabilidad Limitada - EIRL

For a single owner, giving him or her full ownership of assets and liability. Ideal for sole proprietorships, facilitating management and taxation.

Choosing the right form of legal entity depends on the specifics and requirements of your gambling business in Costa Rica, taking into account various aspects of organisation, management and responsibility.

Company registration in Costa Rica



Selecting the type of company

Determine the appropriate business format, such as Limited Partnership, Sociedad Anonima, or Empresa Individual de Responsabilidad Limitada (EIRL).


Can be either individuals or legal entities, residents or non-residents of the country.

Start-up capital

There is no requirement for a minimum authorised capital.

Legal address

An address in Costa Rica is required, it is possible to use a rented address.

Personnel issues

No criteria are imposed on the number of employees.

Required documents

Include copies of the passports of the founders and directors, proof of registered office, application for registration, articles of association and information on the composition of the board of directors.

Submission of documentation

Drawing up the necessary paperwork for filing with the Costa Rican registration authorities.

Waiting for approval

Waiting for the application to be confirmed and the certificate of registration to be received.

Opening a bank account

The need to open a corporate account with a local bank.

Start of business

Commencement of gambling activities after obtaining all necessary permits.

Company registration in Costa Rica is a relatively straightforward and transparent process that does not include unnecessarily complex or onerous requirements, creating a favourable environment for entrepreneurs seeking to operate a gambling business in the country.

Applying for a licence

  • Prepare the indispensable documentation: gather all indispensable manuscripts such as duplicates of the passports of the progenitors, authenticated domicile manuscripts, articles of incorporation, and other obligatory manuscripts.
  • Construct a entreaty: complete the entreaty for a datum manipulation authorization and furnish all the intelligence solicited.
  • Deposition of the entreaty: deposit the entreaty to the Costa Rican enterprise enrollment authority, which is accountable for dispensing datum manipulation authorizations.
  • Remunerations: remit all mandatory charges and levies associated with the authorization.
  • Anticipating for affirmation: subsequent to presenting the entreaty, ready yourself for affirmation. Scrutiny intervals may differ.
  • Procuring an authorization: once your entreaty is sanctioned, you will obtain a testament of enrollment and datum manipulation authorizations.

Commencement of operations after obtaining a licence

After successfully acquiring a datum manipulation licence for your gambling activities in Costa Rica, there are a few important steps you should follow to start your operations:

  • Deploying the arcane infrastructure: Ready and deploy the requisite arcane infrastructure for your online platform. This encompasses erecting a gaming website or application, guaranteeing the safeguarding and dependability of remuneration systems, and player data repository.
  • Merchandising and promulgation: formulating a merchandising and promulgation contrivance for your gaming platform. Alluring patrons and constructing a prestige are imperative for a triumphal inauguration.
  • Personnel indoctrination: indoctrinate your personnel in safeguarding, anti-filching of money, and datum manipulation. Equip them to address patrons and administer gaming procedures.
  • Platform commencement: subsequent to consummating all the requisite preliminary strides and ascertaining conformity with all statutory statutes, commence your gaming platform to patrons. Affirm that all arcane and statutory facets are functioning seamlessly.
  • Vigilance and communication of conformity: incessantly scrutinize your gaming enterprise's maneuvers to assure conformity with all statutes and ordinances. Assemble routine chronicles and tender them in consonance with statutory requisites.
  • Patron Assistance: Administer quality patron assistance and attend to patron inquiries and misgivings promptly.
  • Expansion and augmentation: toil to burgeon your ludic platform, inaugurate new pastimes and amenities, and aspire to amplify your patronage.

Compliance with deadlines and reporting: ensure that all deadlines for filing reports and paying taxes are met.

Opening a corporate bank account in Costa Rica

The process of opening a business account in Costa Rica

The process of opening a corporate bank account in Costa Rica can be relatively simple, but still requires certain steps and documentation.

  • Selecting a repository: your inaugural measure is to opt for the repository where you wish to unveil a corporate narrative. There exist sundry mercantile repositories in Costa Rica, encompassing Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, Banco de Costa Rica, Banco Popular, and others. It is imperative to scrutinize the disparate repositories and their proffers to designate the supremely pertinent one.
  • Petitioning to the repository: succeeding in readying the requisite manuscripts, entreat to the elected repository to commence a corporate narrative. You can enact this personally or via a delegate of your corporation.
  • Completing an entreaty parchment: you will be entreated to consummate an entreaty parchment to commence an account. In the interrogative, you will necessitate to furnish enlightenment concerning the corporation, its originators, and accredited individuals, as well as replicas of all requisite manuscripts.
  • Manuscript authentication: the repository will authenticate the manuscripts and enlightenment you furnish. This may devour some duration, and you may necessitate to supply supplementary manuscripts if the repository demands them.
  • Remittance of levies: ere inaugurating an account, you will be mandated to remit sundry levies and assessments linked to inaugurating and perpetuating a repository narrative.
  • Endorsing the pact: succeeding in prosperous authentication of the manuscripts and remittance of the levies, you and your corporation will endorse a repository pact, which will articulate the stipulations and clauses for the utilization of the account.
  • Attaining repository minutiae: once the account inauguration progression is accomplished, you will secure your corporation's repository minutiae, encompassing account numeral and repository enlightenment.
  • Utilizing the account: you can currently utilize your corporate repository account to engage in fiscal transactions, obtain payments, and alternative repository pursuits.

Please note that the procedure for inaugurating a financial repository might fluctuate contingent on the financial institution elected and the complexity of your business. It is important to consult with the bank ahead of time to learn about all the necessary steps and requirements for your particular situation.

Requirements and documentation

When opening a corporate bank account in Costa Rica, you will face certain requirements and the need to provide certain documents.



Constituent documents

Includes the company's articles of association and other legal documents confirming the legal status and structure of the company.

Personal certificates

Copies of the identity cards of all authorised persons, including residence information.

Registration certificate

An official document confirming the company's registration in Costa Rica.

Business plan

A detailed description of the company's strategy and plans, including revenue and expense projections.

Additional requests from the bank

Possible additional documents or information required by the bank according to their policies.

These requirements and documents might fluctuate contingent on the financial institution selected and the particulars of the enterprise, so it is important to contact our lawyers in advance for precise instructions on opening a corporate bank account in Costa Rica.

Recommendations for entrepreneurs planning to obtain a gambling licence in Costa Rica

If thou art contemplating to inaugurate a hazard license in Costa Rica, it is imperative to retain a scantling of cardinal precepts in memory to guarantee thy enterprise commences auspiciously.

  • Formulate a commerce scheme: Elaborate an intricate commerce scheme encompassing particulars regarding your contrivance, pecuniary prognostications, promotion, and adherence stratagems. This manuscript will prove advantageous when addressing overseers and backers.
  • Adhere to ordinances and benchmarks: Stay apprised of alterations in statutes and benchmarks within the gaming sector. Adherence to ordinances and benchmarks is pivotal for a flourishing and enduring enterprise.
  • Investigate the marketplace and rivalry: Undertake marketplace scrutiny to grasp your adversaries and the requisites of your designated audience. This will aid you in formulating an efficacious promotion and contender enlistment stratagem.
  • Be primed for proliferation and mutation: Wagering is a volatile sector, so be primed for commerce proliferation and authoritative alterations. Versatility and malleability can emerge as your assets.

Enrolling an abroad corporation and acquiring an authorization in Belize proffers singular prospects for those aspiring to simplify and streamline their pecuniary dealings on a planetary scale. Bestowed these elements, Belize emerges as one of the supremely cherished locales for worldwide fiscal amenities enterprises.

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