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Company registration in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Do you want to start a business abroad, or, maybe, you plan to expand the boundaries of your existing activities?

YB Case specialists provide legal assistance in registering the entrepreneurship in various countries of the world. The employees of our company are well-versed in any changes in legislation and are always ready to provide you with legal advice on all nuances of doing business in a particular jurisdiction. Today we will talk about a country, that is located in Central America. We advise you to register a company in Costa Rica.

A brief information

The Republic of Costa Rica is a small American state. A capital is San Jose. Neighbor countrie are: Nicaragua and Panama. Main areas are: a tourism, the agriculture, a production and an export of electronics. A high standard of living, a political stability, a developed economy, a flexible taxation and other benefits attract investors from all over the world. If you also decided to set up a company in Costa Rica, then we will provide legal support services at all stages of this process.

Company registration in Costa Rica

The first step will be to choose the legal form for your business. We recommend choosing one of the following:

  • the analogue of the LLC (to open the LP in Costa Rica).
  • the JSC equivalent (to set up the SA in Costa Rica).

Things to consider, if you want to register an LLC in Costa Rica:

  • A share capital is distributed as shares;
  • Partners are divided into: a general and a limited;
  • The transfer of shares is carried out by the decision at a general meeting;
  • General partners manage LP operations in Costa Rica in accordance with statutory provisions.

Things to consider, if you want to register a Joint Stock Company in Costa Rica:

  • Number of founders at least 2;
  • A registered capital is, approximately, 100 EUR (minimum);
  • The information is maintained and stored in the internal register;
  • A Board of Directors consists of at least 3 representatives. They can be residents of another country;
  • Meetings are held at least once a year in any country, that is previously indicated in the charter documents;
  • The auditor is required. He keeps notes;
  • A registered agent is required. Must be a local resident. He must obtain a license in Costa Rica.

Terms of a company registration

To register an American company you will need from 10 days.

More information you can find out on the phones indicated on the site.


The name should not coincide with existing ones. The name may contain numbers.

A preparation of documents

Our experts will provide you with legal support in drawing up a set of the necessary documents (personal documents of the beneficiaries, a Charter, a Memorandum of Association, etc.) in accordance with the requirements of Costa Rica.

Please, check with our specialists for possible solutions for your business.

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