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Company registration in Abu Dhabi

Company registration in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest (67,340 sq. km.) and richest emirate in the UAE. It is also the capital of the most dynamically and rapidly developing country in the world.

Registering a company in the Emirates does not take much time; however, we would like to draw your attention to several important nuances:

  • foreigners seeking to open a business in the UAE must abide by the local legislation.
  • to register a company in Abu Dhabi, one must comply with the requirements of each individual emirate.
  • opening a company in Abu Dhabi has its own regulatory specifics.

If you decide to register a company in the UAE, you should keep in mind that OJSC and LLC are the two most popular legal forms chosen by foreign investors. Before starting a business in Abu Dhabi, you must obtain a license (a trade or a commercial one). Establishing an LLC in Abu Dhabi requires submitting the necessary documents (translated into Arabic) to the Department of Economic Development and the Chamber of Commerce.


On average, registration takes no more than 15 days and requires having an initial capital of no less than 13 and no more than 80 thousand USD. After registration is completed, an applicant is granted a licence for a selected activity and 2 certificates from the Business Register and the CCI.

Please note that after registering a company in Abu Dhabi, you will have to open an account with an Abu Dhabi bank. Depending on taxation schemes, two options for registering a company in Abu Dhabi are available: setting up a company in an emirate or registering a firm in a Free Zone (FZ).

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Abu Dhabi has a total of 5 Free Zones:

  • Masdar city.
  • Twofour54.
  • Kizad.
  • Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone.
  • Abu Dhabi Global Market.

Free zones in the UAE, and especially Free Zones in Abu Dhabi, are differentiated by their business specialization. The first zone is dedicated to alternative energy and environmental technologies, the second one is meant for media-related businesses, the third one focuses on industrial enterprises, the fourth one specializes in logistics, and the fifth one places an emphasis on financial services.

If you decide to open a company in Abu Dhabi remotely or in-person, you will be required to only have business with Arab companies in a chosen FZ.

Advantages of company registration in Abu Dhabi include:

  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • repatriation of funds is possible;
  • no income/corporate taxes;
  • no customs duties;
  • independent regulatory legislation.

If you need qualified assistance in establishing a company in the UAE, please considering contacting YB Case. Our experts can provide you with professional advice on opening a bank account in Abu Dhabi, registering a company in Abu Dhabi, as well as opening a business in the UAE. You can also order an individual consultation on obtaining a license in the Emirates.

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